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Difficult to Find any Sparks of Interest or Innovation in HDDs Anymore

In early November DCIG finalized its research into all-flash arrays and, in the coming weeks and months, will be announcing its rankings in its various Buyer’s Guide Editions as well as in its new All-flash Array Product Ranking Bulletins. It as DCIG prepares to release its all-flash array rankings that we also find ourselves remarking just how quickly interest in HDD-based arrays has declined just this year alone. While we are not ready to declare HDDs dead by any stretch, finding any sparks that represent interest or innovation in hard disk drives (HDDs) is getting increasingly difficult.

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Breaking Up is Hard to Do

I’ve been in sales for about 20 years now and like anyone in sales or leadership in a company, I’ve been told that the client/vendor relationship “is over”. With that message, I have been given a myriad of reasons or excuses as to why the relationship was over with my company and my soon to be an ex-client ranging from understandable to totally unique, here are some of the better ones.

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The Difference between a DCIG Buyer’s Guide and an Analyst Research Report

A question that I often get asked is, “Why does DCIG use the phrase ‘Buyer’s Guide’ instead of ‘Analyst Research Report’ when it produces its listing, ranking and scoring of products?” More than one individual has said these Guides are more valuable and serve as a better starting point when it comes to helping them making a storage buying decision than most of the analyst research reports available on the market. So why not position the DCIG Buyer’s Guides as Analyst Research Reports?

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And That’s No Bull

As 2012 comes to a close I have been looking back at the year’s events and reflecting on things that I have done. From a new experience standpoint, it was chocked full of interesting things, but I want to highlight one here and help you the reader draw some corollaries, to business.

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DCIG Webinar – Deep Dive into VM Backup Software Features

Today DCIG will be doing a live webinar today (Thursday, November 29) that analyzes key differences among leading virtual machine backup solutions. The webinar starts at 11 am ET and you may register for the webinar at this link. If you miss the webinar, I will update this blog entry and provide the link as to where you may watch it once the recorded webinar is available for viewing.

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A Storage Buying Decision Brings Over 20,000 Factors into Play

Recently DCIG did a webex of its Midrange Array module in its Interactive Buyer’s Guide (IBG). During this webex, I showed how one could quickly sort through multiple products and features to create customized views of the data. Then once the desired view was created the user could generate an analyst-branded report in PDF format of this view.

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