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Dave Raffo

Consulting Analyst

Dave Raffo is a Consulting Analyst at DCIG. Dave has been a technology analyst and journalist for 30 years. He covered cloud storage, storage-as-a-service and integrated infrastructure as a senior analyst at Evaluator Group and Futurum Group before joining DCIG. He previously spent more than 25 years as a tech journalist, including 18 years coverage enterprise storage and data protection.

Dave worked for 13 years at TechTarget as Editorial Director and Executive News Editor for storage, data protection and converged infrastructure. During that time, he led TechTarget’s storage coverage. In 2020, Dave won an American Society of Business Professional Editors (ASBPE) national award for column writing.

His previous jobs covering technology include news editor at Byte and Switch, managing editor of EdTech Magazine, and features and new products editor at Windows Magazine. Before turning to technology, he was an editor and sports reporter for United Press International in New York for 12 years. A New Jersey native, Dave currently lives in northern Virginia.

Dave holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Journalism from William Patterson University.

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DCIG Initiating Researching into 20+ SDS Block-based Solutions

The time for software-defined storage (SDS) to command a larger percentage of enterprise storage budgets has arrived. Traditional block-based storage appliances can, and certainly will, remain a fixture in enterprise data centers for the foreseeable future. However, SDS block-based solutions better address new and emerging enterprise use cases than many current storage appliances.

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webinar on digital background

DCIG – StorMagic Webinar Examining StorMagic SvSAN & VMware vSAN for the SMB/Edge Use Case

In 2019 DCIG first examined how well StorMagic SvSAN and VMware vSAN align with orga-nizational needs to operate 24×7. DCIG’s initial report considered how well each of these solutions fit in small and midsize businesses (SMBs) and edge locations. Since then, the operational reality in SMBs and edge locations has changed little. If anything, they increasingly need cost-effective, reliable highly available (HA) solutions to host their applications and data.

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DCIG TOP 5 Reports Limit Their Disclosure of Detailed Product Rankings

This week I was on a call with a prospective client that was considering licensing a forthcoming DCIG TOP 5 report. In this report, its solution achieved a TOP 5 award. However, the client remained uncertain about licensing the report. It viewed its solution significantly better (i.e., more feature-rich) than some of the other TOP 5 solutions in this report. To the client’s credit, I agreed with its observation. Further, DCIG’s internal scoring (that DCIG does not publish) supported the prospective client’s assessment.

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