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The Difference between a DCIG Buyer’s Guide and an Analyst Research Report

A question that I often get asked is, “Why does DCIG use the phrase ‘Buyer’s Guide’ instead of ‘Analyst Research Report’ when it produces its listing, ranking and scoring of products?” More than one individual has said these Guides are more valuable and serve as a better starting point when it comes to helping them making a storage buying decision than most of the analyst research reports available on the market. So why not position the DCIG Buyer’s Guides as Analyst Research Reports?

The rationale as to why DCIG positions this collateral as “Guides” rather than as “Reports” is a subtle but important distinction. DCIG defines an “Analyst Research Report” as a written work that does a deep dive into a specific subject matter or topic that helps an individual understand how a product operates at a deep technical level.

The DCIG Buyer’s Guides serve a different purpose and are written from a different viewpoint. They provide buyers of a specific technology with a side-by-side listing, scoring and ranking of products in a specific market while also providing sufficient detail to enable buyers to, at a glance, quickly assess which products are most alike.

If anything, DCIG Buyer’s Guides should be used prior to reading any analyst research report. A DCIG Buyer’s Guide does the heavy lifting in terms of helping a buyer create a short list of 2-4 products that meet the specific needs of his or her environment. Once the buyer has created that short list, the buyer can access and download the specific analyst research reports about that product that they need make their final buying decision.

Buyer’s Guides and Analyst Research Reports both serve important purposes when it comes to making a complicated technology buying decision. However as you view DCIG Buyer’s Guides and other analyst research reports, DCIG recommends that you turn to a DCIG Buyer’s Guide first to quickly create a short list of products and then leverage other available research reports to justify your final buying decision.


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