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5 Key Topics to Consider If Choosing a VMware vSphere Alternative

All size organizations appear to share one objective for 2024: identifying an alternative solution to VMware vSphere. The significant software licensing changes announced by Broadcom in November 2023 have prompted many organizations to consider alternatives to vSphere. While the most appropriate VMware vSphere alternative for each organization will vary, questions they will need to ask will look similar. Here are five (5) key questions on topics that organizations should ask if they choose a VMware vSphere alternative.

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Broadcom Licensing Changes for VMware vSAN 8 Prompting a Reevaluation of HA Solutions for SMB and Edge Locations

In 2019 DCIG first examined how well StorMagic SvSAN and VMware vSAN align with orga­nizational needs to operate 24×7. DCIG’s initial report considered how well each of these two solutions fit in small and midsize businesses (SMBs) and edge locations. Since then, the operational reality in SMBs and edge locations has changed little. If anything, these size organizations increasingly need cost-effective, reliable highly available (HA) solutions to host their applications and data.

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3 AWS Data Protection Capabilities Explained

AWS includes at least three (3) data protection capabilities that organizations can and often should use to protect their data. Each one offers distinct benefits for any organization that uses them. However, to account for each one’s limitations, organizations may need a third-party solution to best meet their AWS data protection requirements.

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DCIG Initiating Research into SDS Backup Targets

Building upon DCIG’s four TOP 5 reports on physcial NAS backup targets, DCIG has initiated research into the growing segment of utilizing software-defined storage as backup targets. DCIG intends to publish one or TOP 5 reports based on this research. It invites all SDS backup target providers to participate.

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AI-infused solution

Microsoft 365 Data Protection Made Better with AI-infused Solutions

Microsoft 365 represents a software-as-a-service (SaaS) that often gets used by ransomware to enter organizations. This has prompted Microsoft to introduce security and backup services within Microsoft 365 to help organizations recover from these attacks. However, Microsoft only provides some backup and security services to protect Microsoft 365 against ransomware. This leaves openings for AI-infused solutions such as SpinOne to better protect Microsoft 365.

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An Age of Bifurcated AI Has Begun

Some providers stand better positioned to deliver on AI’s potential than others. Huawei strikes me as one of those providers in this role and it serves as an AI barometer. Specifically, Huawei largely does business outside of the US. As a result, it tends to view and approach AI differently than US-based providers. This may well result in the beginning of a bifurcated AI world.

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3 Eventful Days in Shenzhen – Part II in My China Travel Journal

My first day in Shenzhen focused on recovering from my roughly 30 hours of travel time and 13-hour time change. I woke up around 2:00 AM on Sunday morning to catch my 5:00 am flight out of Omaha to Dallas. From there I flew from DFW to Shanghai before my final flight to Shenzhen. I arrived at my hotel in Shenzhen about 11:50 PM on Monday night.

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