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Category: Behind the Curtain

3 Eventful Days in Shenzhen – Part II in My China Travel Journal

My first day in Shenzhen focused on recovering from my roughly 30 hours of travel time and 13-hour time change. I woke up around 2:00 AM on Sunday morning to catch my 5:00 am flight out of Omaha to Dallas. From there I flew from DFW to Shanghai before my final flight to Shenzhen. I arrived at my hotel in Shenzhen about 11:50 PM on Monday night.

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China, Here I Come!

Next week (the week of April 14, 2024) promises to be another memorable one for me. For the first time in my life, I will travel to China to attend the Huawei Analyst Summit. This annual event hosted by Huawei brings together analysts from around the world into Shenzhen, China. During this time, it provides updates on its latest innovations. This year, it plans to share how it uses artificial intelligence technology to drive changes across Huawei’s business domain.

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Final Observations and Thoughts from My Vacation in Recife, Brazil

I officially arrived back in the United States this past Sunday morning after a 2-week vacation in Recife, Brazil. During that time, I experienced both the weather and the food in Recife as I shared in my two previous blog entries about this trip. However, during my last week in Recife, I got out to see more of Recife beyond just the mile or two near the AirBnB where I stayed. Here are my final observations and thoughts from my recent trip.

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Stray Horses and the Omaha Hamburgueria

I travel quite a bit around the US and, lately, even around the world, in my role as a principal analyst and CEO for DCIG. However, my experiences on my current trip to Recife, Brazil, are a little outside of the norm as I am staying in Recife, Brazil, in an AirBnB that primarily targets Portuguese-speaking Brazilians. This has forced me to know at least some Portuguese to operate (i.e., buy and order food and hail Ubers.) Further, my experiences with stray horses and the Omaha Hamburgueria may not align with what one might expect if staying at a resort specifically targeted at English-speaking tourists.

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TOP 5 Observations (So Far!) from My Current Trip to Recife, Brazil

This week and next I find myself in the northeast part of Brazil in the coastal city of Recife. My oldest son’s engagement to a wonderful woman from this part of the world sparked my interest in coming here. She does plan to move to the United States once she completes the immigration process. However, my wife and I wanted to better understand her background and culture of Brazil. To do so, we came to Brazil to visit her. Having now stayed here about a week, here are my TOP 5 general observations so far from my current trip to Recife, Brazil.

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Achieving Data Resilience at Scale Requires a New Approach to Backup and Recovery

Resilience in Backup, Data Management, and DR; DCIG Video Blog #2

One of the things that’s been on our mind this week that we wanted to talk about and really been hearing a lot more about: resilience. his has been a topic for years. However, it seems like it’s taken on greater importance especially with ransomware becoming so prevalent. Companies are much more concerned about the resilience of their infrastructure, how quickly they can recover, and how quickly resilience is being facilitated.

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High End Storage, HCI and M365 Backup Research; DCIG Analyst Insight Video Blog #1 Transcript

This is DCIG’s first ever attempt at doing a bit of live video blogging that we’re publishing on our YouTube channel. What we’re doing at the end of each of our weekly DCIG analyst meetings is sharing some thoughts about some of the topics that are on our mind, or research we’re working on, and what we’re doing this week. Two of my colleagues are on our weekly analyst call, and we’re going to share some of the specific research we’re working on for upcoming analyst reports we’re producing.

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2023-24 DCIG TOP 5 icon

75%+ of 2022 Storage Unicorns Work with DCIG

In June 2022 seventeen companies in the infrastructure, data, and storage management space got some good news. Coldago Research recognized them as Storage Unicorns with valuations of more than $1billion. However, DCIG also took some good news away from that analyst report. DCIG is proud to call thirteen of those seventeen companies (over 75%!) current or past clients.

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2022-23 TOP 5 Generic Icon

The BOOM! that Led to the DCIG TOP 5 Reports

To address that question, DCIG has created a new section of its website called Behind the Curtain. This section contains entries where DCIG talks about its activities as well as the analyst products it offers and how it delivers them. This entry focusing on DCIG’s rationale for producing DCIG TOP 5 reports serves to launch this section of the website.

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