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About DCIG: A Technology Analyst and Research Firm

The Data Center Intelligence Group (DCIG) empowers the IT industry with actionable analysis and research.

As a leading technology analyst firm, DCIG analysts conduct informed third-party analysis of enterprise cloud, data protection, and data storage technologies. DCIG independently develops licensed content via TOP 5 Reports, Solution Profiles, and Buyers Guides. Our analysts have extensive experience in IT, and they always examine technology from a functional perspective.

DCIG produces custom content via competitive intelligence, customer validations, executive white papers, and technology reviews. We also offer webinars and webcasts based on these published reports. DCIG’s audiences include C-level executives, IT managers, IT professionals, magazine editors, bloggers, analysts, and providers within the IT and cloud service industry.

Here is what sets us apart:

  1. Head-to-head competitive intelligence. Our solutions-oriented analysis gives organizations a better sense of a solution’s capabilities, and it relies less on brand name and recognition. Our analysts consistently evaluate similar solutions to gain an understanding of their specific strengths and weaknesses. Moreover, we perform fact-based solution analysis and comparisons using actionable, measurable data derived from publicly available sources, vendors, and our diverse and extensive experience.
  2. Concise, actionable content that moves organizations toward a buying decision. We help organizations move projects forward and make crucial decisions on the best, most suitable technology. We also provide the critical information and third-party validation needed to take essential steps toward a buying decision.
  3. Useful in responding to RFIs and RFPs. DCIG analysts have decades of experience, and have developed requests for information (RFIs) and requests for proposals (RFPs) for organizations of all sizes. We create and conduct evaluations based on surveys we design derived from our past experiences and knowledge. Our reports are often used by solution providers as essential components of their responses to RFIs and RFPs.
  4. We translate technology into business value. At DCIG, our analysts started by making the business case for the technologies they recommended and implemented within the organizations they served. Our analysts evaluate each product’s features from the perspective of what’s most relevant and beneficial to businesses. We assess technologies from the perspective of a business person to understand what features are most important.
  5. Real-world experience. DCIG analysts have IT experience in the technologies they evaluate, cover, and were once responsible for managing. As former IT practitioners, DCIG analysts have previously made decisions and recommendations about the various IT technologies they now cover.

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