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What our clients say about our tech analyst and research services

At DCIG, we proudly let our track record do the talking for us.

“Zadara's recognition in the 2022-23 DCIG Top 5 Enterprise Storage as a Service Solution report has been instrumental in boosting top-of-funnel awareness among potential prospects. The well-researched report offers an independent perspective on vendors, aiding prospects in their market research. The clear and well-written report has been especially useful for targeted lead-generation campaigns. DCIG's reputation in the technological areas they operate adds credibility for end-users evaluating solutions in the market.”

“DCIG does such a nice job of getting exposure for the work it does for its clients, which is a PR person’s dream!”

“The DCIG TOP 5 Solution report has been a strong driver of brand awareness and lead generation. Being recognized as a leader in enterprise NAS consolidation by the industry experts at DCIG has been a big sales and marketing win for CTERA in 2021.”

“DCIG’s Competitive Intelligence Reports are an excellent addition to the StorMagic sales toolkit that our sales team leverage in enduser and partner meetings. Prospective customers and partners tell us that the information is packaged professionally and backed by factual, independent research makes the business case for StorMagic. DCIG research has proven to accelerate and shorten our sales cycle.”

“Having Cobalt Iron Compass® recognized in multiple DCIG TOP 5 reports has been invaluable in terms of sharing with the market, prospects, and Cobalt Iron Customers the third-party validation of Compass®. The fact that these reports are unpaid makes them that much more influential and credible.”

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