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A Storage Buying Decision Brings Over 20,000 Factors into Play

Recently DCIG did a webex of its Midrange Array module in its Interactive Buyer’s Guide (IBG). During this webex, I showed how one could quickly sort through multiple products and features to create customized views of the data. Then once the desired view was created the user could generate an analyst-branded report in PDF format of this view.

But as we went through the demonstration, someone questioned the validity of one of the data points in the IBG. This individual was “positive” that a certain midrange array model did not support RAID 3. That assessment prompted them to question the accuracy of the IBG as a whole.

At that point, I took a few minutes to explain just how comprehensive just the Midrange Array module within the DCIG IBG is. That module alone has over 20,000 checkmarks and/or X’s for the 50+ products and 400+ features evaluated on each product with vendors having been given the opportunity to review the accuracy of the data. That said, it was possible an error still crept in.

Yet that 20,000 number struck me. This is why storage buying decisions are so complicated, time-consuming and often stressful for organizations to make. Many want to be conscientious and thoroughly research the storage systems they are buying. However time constraints and the amount of the information they need to research and digest precludes them from ever doing so.

The DCIG IBG eliminates that time and effort as it shrinks the amount of time they need to do their initial information gathering from days, weeks or months to literally minutes. Using the IBG, storage research now becomes a point and click operation.

In regards to that alleged inaccuracy in the IBG, the individual spoke up about five minutes later and apologized. A quick search on Google revealed that the RAID 3 feature in question was indeed supported by the vendor. It was simply not a configuration that the vendor “recommended” using. This oversight highlighted why using third party, up-to-date research is a better method than relying on one’s memory for specific product information but that is a subject for another day.


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