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To Boldly Go Where No Other Analyst Firm Has Gone Before

I’ve been watching the original Star Trek reruns on Netflix lately. I have always loved that particular series for several reasons. I love the idea of a space ship exploring the universe and new cultures, I love the characterization in the original series, I love seeing what weird creature Jim Kirk is going to make out with next, and I love the idea of going where no person has gone before.
DCIG has been something of an SSN-1701 Enterprise in recent years as it set forth on its journey to create and publish its Buyer’s Guides. In 2010 Jerome Wendt and I were the original crew on board this new journey of exploration. He was DCIG’s version of Captain Kirk, and I was a combination of Commander Spock/Scotty. He would set the destination and I would provide the market analysis and the ability to hit warp factor 10 when we needed to get them licensed and marketed.
Star Trek Trio 1
DCIG is speeding ahead now at amazing speeds and are on a course to publish up to 30 Buyer’s Guides in 2014. As Scotty I am dutifully providing the marketing/sales horsepower but I thought you, our faithful reader, might like to know that DCIG has added many new crew members, and new areas of exploration.
For the first few years we stuck mostly to data center/storage topics because it was an area that DCIG knew was confusing to the buyer, full of marketing noise, and had lots of players with different products in it. DCIG earned its reputation as a cutting edge analyst firm as a result of its Buyer’s Guides in areas like the Midrange Array, Virtual Server Backup Software, and Deduplicating Backup Appliances.
DCIG has warped way past that now and have branched out, Boldly Going where no Analyst Firm has Gone Before! DCIG gets reports from customers who have licensed the Buyer’s Guides raving about how helpful they are in lead gen activities. DCIG gets emails from CIOs, data center managers, and people in purchasing all the time saying how helpful DCIG Buyer’s Guides have been in clearing up the confusion in the marketplace. They have told DCIG that they now depend on us when they are making buying decisions. When Jerome and I heard that, we knew we had kicked some serious Klingon ass!
DCIG made a decision to do what NO OTHER analyst firm had the guts to do in years past. DCIG designed an objective, informed and repeatable methodology that would create a ranking of vendors and their products that would help buyers make informed buying decisions.
DCIG helped them thin the herds of potential vendors from say 25-30 to 5 for their specific needs. DCIG is NOT putting dots on a piece of paper and plotting them in a way that it thinks is “magical.” It is providing defensible, methodological analysis backed by real-world, in the field input of users that bears up under scrutiny. DCIG is indeed going where no other analyst firm has gone before, and it is not done yet as it launching up to four (4) new Guides per month that are being delivered by DCIG’s 10 analysts and the support crew of 30+ people behind them.
The best part is that the most existing part of DCIG’s journey is still in front of us. Beginning this month, DCIG is adding a totally new and equally innovative offering, the DCIG IBG Research Services. Based on the cloud-based DCIG Interactive Buyer’s Guide (IBG), this new service gives users of the IBG access to the same information found in the PDF version of the Buyer’s Guides.
Star Trek Trio 2
Putting it online permits instantaneous analysis and comparisons to be made of products of your choice! Further, using the IBG Research Services, users can access DCIG analysts who can then help you research new products, update existing ones if needed and then assist you in creating head-to-head product reports that are tailored to your specific environment based on real-time information. This will help you make better, faster and more informed buying decisions. All of this is very exciting and, as the DCIG Command Staff, we are excited and looking forward to the continuing journey ahead of us in 2014 and beyond.
We want to thank our staff, customers, and readers for your continued support! We love the messages saying how integral our work has become to you and your organization! We love knowing that DCIG has become a valued partner, and DCIG looks forward to charting new courses with you in the years ahead.
It is only logical that the Buyers Guides have been successful. However it is even more fascinating to see it as it happens because here at DCIG, well, we have every intent to continue moving ahead at Warp Factor 10.
Live long and prosper!


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