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Sandwich Artists – Not Exactly; Analyst Artists – Absolutely!

After a very long meeting the other day, my stomach was beginning to digest itself so I decided to stop for something to eat. I could only find a sandwich shop so in a move much like going to the grocery store hungry, I said, “That looks great!” and went in.

I went to order and was greeted by Stephanie, who told me that she would be my “sandwich artist” today. I thanked her, ordered, and then began to ponder the meaning of what I was just told.  I have never considered bread, cheese, and mustard mediums for art, but then again, I live in flyover country so really, “What do I know anyway?

sandwich artist.JPGIs there a museum full of sandwich art? Are there sandwich art collections? Are there schools of distinct sandwich art? Would I be getting a realist sandwich or perhaps something more from the impressionist school? I know that as Stephanie slid my sandwich down the production line, that I was walking out if cubism reared its ugly head.

I drove home full, but confused, and began wondering if there was artistry in all levels of work; and decided that there may well be, and that DCIG certainly should have a claim to stake in the collateral and analysis world, so I introduce you to the artists at DCIG.

Our team of content artists takes their work seriously; we want to make sure that our art is highly collectible by a broad audience. We strive to paint in a school of thought that we would describe as “practical realism.” 

We do not paint in broad brush strokes, nor are we really interested in pointillism, free form, or impressionistic approaches to content. At DCIG we understand that our clients are really looking for work that will take that practical realistic approach to Data Center management and help the end reader/exhibit attendee understand what the artist really means.

We write in such a way that the questions that we feel need answers are asked, and answered in easy terms. We also ask questions that many may not think to ask, and spur greater understanding of the subject matter. Because our analysts are former end users and data center mangers, they are “master painters” when it comes to our content.

Our clients tell us that our content like Buyer’s Guides, Case Studies, Executive White Papers/Blog’s bring a high level of quality at excellent prices. We are not selling our stuff at one of those hotel “Starving Artist sales” but we are not selling stuff in a gallery with armed guards and Thomas Crown like art thieves lurking about. Simply put, our content generates solid leads, high traffic, clarity on an issue, and all in an understandable and graphically appealing product for very reasonable prices.

We strive to provide customers an entrée into the “analysis art world” that gives them value, that they are happy to use and display, and are easy to understand by the most novice art collector. I encourage you to browse the DCIG gallery, and look at some of the web sites of our collector’s out there in the market.


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