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DCIG Joins the BDevent as a Founding Partner

DCIG is today pleased to announce that is has joined the BDevent as a founding partner. DCIG attended its first BDEvent this past January and so thoroughly impressed by how it was structured and the results that come out of it that DCIG elected to become a founding partner to help facilitate its growth forward.

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DCIG Launches

In the two years since DCIG started offering blogging as an outsourced analyst service, it has learned a lot about blogging. For instance, DCIG has learned that readers like having a portal that provides content and information on many different topics in which they are interested. In addition, it has learned that once readers find a site they like, they come back frequently.

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Fashion has a Message for All of Us in the Storage World!

As spring rolls in on us here in Minnesota, we are digging through our closets in search of things to wear that are not on a list of arctic survival gear, and are bright enough to make us think of warmer times to come. Every so often in that search, I find some things in my closet that surprise me to the point that I ask my wife how I still own that garment.

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Do You Have a Hole in Your Swing?

Like some of you I have spent a good portion of my career as a turnaround guy for sales forces. Without fail I have found that many sales people or channel partners were ill equipped to hit the ball out of the park on behalf of the company. They were decent salespeople for the most part, and knew the product, but had a difficult time educating all levels of the organization that they were selling to and because of that lack of success I looked at “sending them down to the minor leagues”.

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