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A Matter of Perspective

I have lived in a city of 11,000 people in Minnesota for the last 10 years and always felt that I knew how it looked quite well.  In my campaign for both City Council and Mayor I have walked every street and Cul-de-sac in our city, I know the names of each street and can tell you where I am exactly by just looking around.  But even with my high level of intimacy of my city, I found out recently that I was missing out on another view of where I live. 

I recently had the opportunity to gain a new perspective on the city that admittedly not many will ever have (at least legally) and I wanted to share that with you and help you gain some new perspective on your company and products. 

The new perspective I gained on my city came after I got to climb to the top of several of our municipal water towers and taking in the view of the city, lake, and neighborhoods from my perch 160 feet in the air. 

Water Tower Waconia.JPGI could see developments in clusters, where from the ground they are too large to really appreciate as complete subdivisions.  I saw parks, lakes, businesses, with a new appreciation for what and where they were. 

I saw where the growth was heading and where growth was needed.  I saw the projects that we were discussing in Council meetings that were always somewhat clinical in nature.  I saw all these things in their greatness, but also was able to see the areas that we needed to work on with a different point of view. 

There were some really great examples of areas in need of attention that I did not see easily as I was on the ground driving by them, the elevation gave me the view I needed in order to act and make my city better.

Looking down on the city from the water towers is a lot like engaging DCIG to look at your company’s products, and services.  You live inside your office walls day in and day out and are in extremely close proximity to the nitty gritty of product development, marketing, and sales but how often do you really take the time to get above the fray and look down and see what clients, prospects, or industry experts see?  My guess is not very often.

DCIG customers range from the largest companies in the business to the next and hottest emerging startups.  They tell us that we often see what they do not, and that by utilizing us as one of the analyst firms they engage that they get a decidedly different view on their products that only someone who has years of experience in looking at things from within their own walls. 

We are different in this way than some of our analyst brethren who do not always provide a different viewpoint to their clients.  We take great pride in speaking in an independent voice because we feel that in doing so we are providing real value to the client.

DCIG has one client that had such an experience with us that merits repeating.  They are an emerging storage array manufacturer in the midrange space who were making sales and money but were missing out on market share because they had not really thought ahead to tackle their integration to VM. 

After Jerome Wendt took some time to “climb the water tower” with them and provide a different perspective on their product and they took up the effort of VMware integration.  That conversation took place in early 2011 and now, in early 2012, they have re-engineered their offering and are well on their way to a more robust offering that will in turn lead to increased sales that both current and prospective customers as well as even their pre-sales and support engineers are excited about.

They had previously not felt that VMware integration was something they needed to accomplish in the short term. But after we shared how the view looked like in the market, they took a different direction quickly and are poised to reap the benefits.

So just like I got a new appreciation for my city from my elevated view, I would encourage you to invite DCIG to provide a different point of view on your offerings, most likely we will share with you some areas that could benefit from some additional scrutiny and could indeed open your eyes to additional offerings for your products.


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