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The Fish of a Thousand Casts

Yes that fish is real; it is a 48.5 inch Muskie that I caught a year ago.  It was a thrill that I have only repeated twice more since that time.  It is an amazing feeling to see the fish erupt from the water as it hits the lure that I have thrown again, and again, and again.  Muskie’s are called the fish of a thousand casts because you literally can cast a thousand times and never land one.  But that one time, that one fight that lasts for 10 minutes is worth the other 999 times.


The trick to catching one of these majestic fish is this, lots and lots and lots of tackle.  You need lures of every color, shape, and size, lures that run on top of the water, 10 feet under the water, ones that rattle, clatter, and so on.  You will try each of them thinking that nothing will happen but then……WHAM it hits!  Your heart begins beating faster, your hands shake, you bark orders to the others in the boat telling them what to do to help you land this behemoth once you get it to the boat.  Rod tip up, not too much slack, let it strip some drag….mental check lists ticked off and followed all this to land one fish you ask me?  YES!!!!!

So what is the point of my story, well it is this.  Last week when we were at the SNW event, I strolled around the show floor and pinched a lot of your sales collateral, and have been on your web sites downloading your content created to get the attention of the clients swimming in the waters filled with prospects. Your job, your sales people and channel partner’s jobs are all about landing that big one.  My observation on some of the collateral and content that I saw was that you need more lures.
Content is important in the hunt for customers.  The more and varied offerings you have in your tackle box, the better.  Case studies, product evaluations, white papers, executive white papers, all give your sales folks and channel partners another lure to angle for clients.  One more lure that you will now be able to throw soon is the DCIG Midrange Array Buyer’s Guide.  
The Midrange Array Buyer’s Guide is designed for lead generation, internal analysis, understanding the competitive landscape and in seeing where you may need to make some improvements in your product line.  The guide will be available soon and you will be amazed.

In our briefings with many SNW attendees the conversation was rife with comments about how this is going to really assist the end user understand how they can make the most informed buying decision for their organization.  The guide is going to be a “hot new lure” and we think that it will help many of you land new clients through its use.
I dream of catching that next Muskie, you dream of the next big client you will land, contact us at DCIG to add the Midrange Array Buyer’s guide to your tackle box for summer fishing fun!


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