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Why One Should Care About Branding

I was talking to a prospect the other day and they told me that they were debating the value of marketing, channel education, and trying to create market awareness because they were not convinced that it was worth it. They have worked with several analysts, PR agencies, and marketing firms they said, but have not seen the results quickly enough to convince them that it was money well spent, and that they would rely on their sales team to do the educating.

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iPAD, Flipboard and NOW Amazon kindle fire are Key Devices for readers

Apple iPAD IOS 5 “reader” feature and Flipboard validate DCIG’s engagement analysis publishing model. Our engagement analysis is designed for information technology and business leaders who need objective product information, without the hassle of signing up for it. Further, we designed our publishing interface to be readable and actionable. Many of our readers read DCIG content using our website, twice as many read with their iPAD, Flipboard and other mobile devices.

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Using a Personal Touch to Convert Social Media into Crowded Lunch and Learn Events

Whether it’s online or onsite, marketing your solutions via event-driven programs continues to be one of the best investments of a company’s time, talent and resources to grow its business. Further, in today’s economy, it is imperative to capture your client’s attention with a personal approach in order to gain market share.But when you think of using social media to do so, do you think of it in the context of “No ROI” with only empty conference rooms and no leads to show for your investment? Or do you envision a room one packed with individuals ready to engage and learn more about your company’s technology?

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A Fourth Quarter Comeback

I am a football junkie and more specifically a Denver Bronco’s football junkie. I live to watch the Bronco’s during football season. In my opinion there is no better use of a Sunday afternoon than to watch my Bronco’s on the field.

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Talking Backup at VMworld 2011

Yesterday I had the opportunity to join Wikibon’s Dave Vellante, VMware’s Director of IT Technical Operations, Drew Kramer, and ICI’s President Brad Maltz at VMworld 2011 as part of a four person panel discussing some of the challenges and trends associated with VMware backup.

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MacGyver Doesn’t Work Here

If you are like me, you spent some of your youth watching MacGyver week after week as he saved the world from terrorists, despots, mercenaries, and guys with mullets by using a simple collection of toothpaste, duct tape, paper clips, Swiss Army Knife, and a can of spray cheese.

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Mise en Place for Your Marketing and Sales Efforts

I am sparing you from classic TV and Movie analogies this month and am going to share one of my other hobbies as an example of how you need to think about marketing, content, and DCIG. I am going to talk about cooking….yes cooking. I love to cook and because the German language (which I speak) does not have anything that says what I am after I am left to quoting the French (which causes me pain but that’s a subject for another blog entry.)

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The Right Tool for the Job

I was watching my kids build with some scrap lumber from our deck rebuild recently. They were making swords and airplanes, and a box for either a coffin that Barbie would occupy or to store something of considerable importance.

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Hey Honey… What is This in the Fridge?

Every now and then I look into the inner recesses of the refrigerator looking to score some great leftover for lunch, or a small snack. I know that my wife will stash the “good stuff” out of view of the kids so that one of us can have the last little bite of the steak, clam sauce linguini, or smoked sirloin. It is a glorious thing to dwell over the last bite of ribs or something yummy and I love to go looking.

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