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Optimizing Social Media Awareness Initiatives – DCIG Provides Its Clients a Road Map to Proven Success

Since May of 2004 when I first jumped into the social media arena with a LinkedIn membership, there were a lot of questions as to its value. Even today I continue to hear these same issues and concerns:

  • How do I know this stuff will work for me and my business objectives?
  • How do I measure the efforts and most importantly what is the outcome of these efforts?

In order to accurately establish a starting point, let’s look at why social media has become such a pervasive technology. The popular site Social Media Examiner released its 2011 Social Media Marketing Industry Report It surveyed more than 3,300 marketers and found the following:

  • The No.1 advantage of social media marketing is generating more business exposure, as indicated by 88% of marketers. Increased traffic (72%) and improved search rankings (62%) were also major advantages;
  • 45% of people who’ve only invested 12 months or less in social media marketing reported they gained new partnerships;
  • “By spending as little six hours per week on social media efforts, 52% of marketers saw lead generation benefits.” – The Right Way to Use Social Media by Dr. Woody

So to help its clients realize the benefits of social media using methods that are tangible and measurable, DCIG is now offering social media services to its subscribing clients to quickly reach this burgeoning and influential community of storage end-users and decision makers.

Here is an overview of the process DCIG uses to achieve the most favorable results for its clients:

1.      Do postings in Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

In these forums DCIG  comments on existing discussions occurring within these social media forums regarding data storage, data protection, etc. Absent the occurrence of any relevant conversations, DCIG will take the initiative to start new conversations using existing Client and/or DCIG created content as the source of the conversation. Sources of this content would include DCIG blog entries developed for your company, DCIG case studies, executive white papers, and even full length white papers where appropriate.

In addition to using DCIG produced content, DCIG also offers to its clients the option to use up to five pieces of client content per month. These sources of this client content may be blog entries, case studies, and white papers that they have developed internally and DCIG even helps to promote complementary content developed by other analyst firms. In those rare instances where no group exists, DCIG will even create new social groups if appropriate or where needed to facilitate discussions on specific topics

2.      Comment as appropriate on blog entries on other sites.

One of the keys to success in social media is to connect with people and groups on other blog sites. So to help create awareness for DCIG’s clients, DCIG will where appropriate comment on these blog entries. To ensure our comments are posted, DCIG does so in a conversational as opposed to a promotional manner.

No one wants to read comments that are just shills for other company’s products or services that provide no value to the reader. So in instances where DCIG opts to leave comments, we do so in such a way that they add value to the conversation occurring on that blog while ideally referencing the client’s content.

3.      Provide reports back to the client to demonstrate social media involvement.

One of the primary criticisms of social media is the ability to measure it and show its value and while DCIG cannot draw a direct line from a comment on a blog entry or Facebook post to a sale, we can track when and where we post those comments so our clients can see where DCIG is actively participating. To do that, DCIG provides reports primarily in the form of emails that document Twitter activity (tweets, re-tweets, etc.), social media conversations (posts, comments, etc) and comments on other blog sites.

4.      Drive traffic as appropriate to register to download specific content from either the client’s or DCIG’s site.

The end game of all of the activity that DCIG does for its clients is to drive interested readers to content that they have available for download. So while DCIG makes no promises or guarantees as to how many registrations will occur on any particular piece of content, we do expect DCIG clients to get some registrations and tangible leads as a result of these social media outreach efforts.

Many companies have already staffed their business with people responsible for social media tasks. But even in these cases, I have worked with them in a supporting role to ensure anticipated results. So whether you’re a startup with limited resources or an enterprise that needs some additional help, it’s important to remember that with Social Media, the key is not just doing it, but doing it right. And the right way to do it changes in real-time because it’s about engaging with people, conversing with them and building relationships.


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