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iPAD, Flipboard and NOW Amazon kindle fire are Key Devices for readers

Apple iPAD IOS 5 “reader” feature and Flipboard validate DCIG’s engagement analysis publishing model.  Our engagement analysis is designed for information technology and business leaders who need objective product information, without the hassle of signing up for it.  Further, we designed our publishing interface to be readable and actionable.   Many of our readers read DCIG content using our website, twice as many read with their iPAD, Flipboard and other mobile devices.

33% of DCIG readers read content via the website, while 66% are using other devices. Our research shows that many of you are using your iPAD, Flipboard, Blackberry, iPhone, etc.  66% of you lead DCIG to one conclusion – simplicity in content presentation is what you need to read.

iPAD’s reader interface made possible by IOS 5 in Safari Web Browser is a clear example of DCIG’s vision to deliver engagement analysis as readable and actionable.  For example, Apple’s before and after reader interface, as published on, compared to before and after:

features safari reader

dcig reader before and after

As you read content on DCIG.COM via your IOS 5 mobile device you can simply click “reader”, or “zoom in” to get the same view “reader” delivers.  Simplicity for reading is our calling at DCIG.
Simplifying our reader interface was a small step. Readers of product information are inundated by sales and marketing content.  There is no time to browse through pages of content using a web browser, blog or PDF reader.  DCIG readers require an actionable way to read their content, such as Flipboard.

At DCIG we combined engagement analysis with DCIG simple syndication services to enable products like Flipboard.  Flipboard exchanges flat browser layouts into actionable analysis. There is no comparison of via a web browser versus in Flipboard. viewed with Flipboard delivers an enterprise data storage and electronically stored information (ESI) industry magazine:

dcig flipboard

Expanding on our goals of readable and actionable engagement analysis, DCIG is now available at the Amazon Kindle store.  DCIG supports Amazon kindle, kindle touch, kindle dx, kindle keyboard and kindle fire.  No matter how you consume content, stay productive with readable and actionable analysis from


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