DCIG Joins the BDevent as a Founding Partner

DCIG is today pleased to announce that is has joined the BDevent as a founding partner. DCIG  attended its first BDEvent this past January and so thoroughly impressed by how it was structured and the results that come out of it that DCIG elected to become a founding partner to help facilitate its growth forward.

Here are the three main benefits that DCIG and others have seen when attending the BDevent.

First, the BDEvent removes much of the pretense that tends to occur at many storage-related conferences. At the BDevent, you can get right down to business and determine if there is a match between the services that your company has to offer and what the other company is looking for or vice versa. Even if it is not a match, just knowing that is not a good match is beneficial so both parties can focus their efforts elsewhere.

Second, the meetings are productive.
The BDevent has a number of sessions with keynote speakers as well as evening events planned but it never forgets its purpose: helping to facilitate one-on-one business meetings so everyone’s business can grow. To accommodate that, Greg and VaNessa do a great job of making sure there is ample time to meet, facilities in which to meet and plenty of food and spirits to help break the ice.

Third, the BDevent only invites and is attended by a small group of like-minded individuals.
The primary attendees at the BDevent are CEOs, VPs and Directors of marketing, Product Managers and analysts and press. Because of the relatively small size of the group and those who are in attendance, you can quickly find and connect with the people that you need to meet with during the course of the event.

It is for these reasons that DCIG elected to become a sponsor and founding member of this event. The BDevent is a great way to connect with others in the storage industry in a relaxed but focused setting and we look forward to seeing other like-minded individuals. If you are not already registered to attend, you can find more information about this event here.

Also, VaNessa recently put together this video about the upcoming BDevent in Boston to provide a few more details about it and what benefits it can offer to you and your business.


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