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DCIG Webinar – Deep Dive into VM Backup Software Features

Today DCIG will be doing a live webinar today (Thursday, November 29) that analyzes key differences among leading virtual machine backup solutions. The webinar starts at 11 am ET and you may register for the webinar at this link. If you miss the webinar, I will update this blog entry and provide the link as to where you may watch it once the recorded webinar is available for viewing.

Here is an overview of what I will be covering in the webinar:

  • The Growing Similarities in VM Backup Software
  • VM Backup Software Differentiators
    • Deduplication
    • Hardware and Software Costs
    • Multi-hypervisor Support
    • Recovery and Replication
    • Virtual Backup Appliances (VBAs)
  • Recommendations
  • Final Thoughts

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