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Category: Data Center Management

Huawei Positions Enterprises to Adopt Data Center as a Computer Model

Deploying technologies in today’s data centers generally requires enterprises to first buy, lease, or subscribe to the ones they need. Once acquired, the responsibility to effectively manage and utilize them falls to the enterprise. However, Huawei no longer views this model as the future of data center management. Rather, its growing technology portfolio combines to facilitate a data center as a computer model. This model changes how enterprises perform data center management and often better positions them to meet future challenges.

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SC22 Provides Glimpse into Tomorrow’s Data Center

This week I had the privilege of attending SC22, the supercomputing conference, in Dallas, TX. Supercomputing centers are early adopters of technologies that will soon be common in most data centers. Thus, the sessions I attended, the attendees I spoke with, and the solutions on display in the exhibit hall provided me with an eye-opening glimpse into tomorrow’s data center.

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