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The Edge of IT – How to Simplify Edge Computing With HCI

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Learn how to simplify edge computing with HCI. Watch the replay of the DCIG StorMagic webcast that is based on the 2023-24 DCIG TOP 5 Rising Vendors Hyperconverged Infrastructure Software Solutions report. Viewers can download the report at no cost while watching the replay. 

With the edge computing market expected to reach $206B by 2032, those needing to keep their enterprise data safe at the edge will need to use robust solutions that can withstand the harshness of this environment. 

For an in-depth understanding of this topic, DCIG, Truth In IT, and StorMagic examine how HCI software solutions address the challenges of deploying, managing, and monitoring edge infrastructure and discuss:

  • The challenges with managing IT infrastructure at edge locations
  • HCI software solutions and their benefits for edge deployments
  • An overview of DCIG research into the HCI software marketplace
  • A shortlist of vendors to consider for HCI software solutions

Duration: 45 minutes

Target audience: IT leaders, CIOs, IT administrators, infrastructure managers, and anyone interested in understanding how HCI software can solve current edge infrastructure challenges.

Watch now – The Edge of IT: How To Simplify Edge Computing With HCI



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