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7 Storage Considerations for Enterprise AI

Until recently, data-intensive analytic workloads were mostly the domain of large-scale research and educational institutions. However, many commercial enterprises are now adopting these AI-driven workloads to enhance the value of their business data. As organizations embrace these workloads they should be aware of 7 storage considerations for enterprise AI.

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Upcoming Webinar Examining How to Validate Your DR Plan Against Modern Cyberthreats

Phishing, malware, ransomware, and DDoS attacks have captured the attention of organizations of all sizes across the globe. The prevalence of these attacks has forced organizations to acknowledge that it is a matter of when, not if, they experience one. Due to their likelihood of occurring, organizations must take action to prevent the attack from becoming a disaster. To discuss how organizations can best prepare, I am joining a panel that includes cybersecurity and DR representatives from Acronis on an upcoming webinar.

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Storing Files in the Cloud: Strategic and Tactical Considerations

DCIG will share conclusions from its independent research into software-defined storage as part of the Festival of Big Data and Cloud. This live panel discussion with Nasuni founder and CTO Andres Rodriguez, Nasuni VP of Product Strategy John Capello, and DCIG Lead Analyst for Storage Ken Clipperton will provide insight into the strategic and tactical considerations driving the cloud file storage marketplace.

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