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LegalTech Recap: Big Data, ECA, Enterprise Dropbox and Cocktail Party

DCIG attended LegalTech New York January 30th thru February 1st, 2012.  The conference was well attended by legal professionals, consultants, and vendors.  While meeting with them a few opportunities stood out as compelling:

  • Mobile device handshake
  • Four Rules of Early Data Assessment
  • Enterprise Versions of
  • THE Best LegalTech Cocktail Party

Dan Regard, Managing Director of iDiscovery Solutions, Inc. made a compelling argument for small to medium businesses engaging with Big Data and the Internet of Devices. Big Data was defined in a previous blogInternet of Devices is a concept where mobile device like iPad, iPhone, ADT security pad, Honeywell thermostat, etc. being connected to the Internet and sharing data.

Devices share many kinds of data, but they all share hardware identity during a wireless network handshake. Data shared during a handshake is very interesting in terms of social networking and Big Data. Merchants with Wi-Fi can compare a hardware identity to a known list of hardware identities and social profiles, e.g. Yelp, Facebook, Twitter, etc.  Identifying, collecting and preserving handshake data discloses a device location and time at the location.  Small business can learn a lot about their customers, but the data can also come up during litigation or early case assessment.

Andrea S. Gibson, Product Director at Kroll Ontrack made a compelling argument for Early Data Assessment (EDA) as opposed to the generally agreed upon Early Case Assessment (ECA). Mrs. Gibson convincingly compared ECA to litigation and EDA to any data inquiry.

Litigation is when you have a legal inquiry or a case under review, whereas data inquiry has no litigation. An EDA definition delivers a higher Return on Investment (ROI) by addressing Information Management goals, not reactive litigation, increased premiums or canceled insurance. (Liability Insurance Drives Information Management, November 4th 2011).  Mrs. Gibson outlined the four value propositions of EDA:

  • Time is money, longer it takes to find data for answers will cost money
  • Volume is money, the more data you must look at will cost money
  • Mistakes are money, mistakes result in negative inference which will cost money
  • Information is power, having the right content at the earliest moment is a tactical advantage

Paula E. Skokowsk, Chief Marketing Officer at Accellion talked to DCIG about its recent $12 million in funding.  Mrs. Skokowski said its file storage and share mobile client and enterprise server technology have been available since April of 2011.  Moreover, the funding it received is largely targeted at marketing and sales efforts in 2012.

Accellion is missing crucial product functionality to win business in the Enterprise file-share and synchronization (FSS) space. That functionality is:

  • Synchronization across devices – desktops and mobile devices will access and manipulate the same content
  • Hosted version of their software – mobile devices will access content stored and shared via public data center versus enterprises exposing perimeter services

Mrs. Skokowski indicated Accellion will deliver a fully hosted and on-premise supported file share and synchronization solution in first quarter of 2012, e.g. kitedrive. If Accellion delivers, it will be the first CoIT oriented multi-tenant file-share and synchronization (FSS) product available in the market.

Being first doesn’t mean it will become the defacto leader. It faces heated competition from Citrix Sharefile, Mezeo, and VMWare Project Octopus as well as dropbox soon to be announced integration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) Simple Storage Services (S3) cloud and AWS Enterprise Gateway.

Derek Schuren, co-founder of Recommind graciously invited DCIG and other legal professionals to the best party at LegalTech.  Thankfully we were not subjected to any presentations by their product management staff; in fact they were rarely seen.  Instead, principles from Ernst and Young, Orrick Herrington & Sutcliffe, LLP, eDSG and DCIG were able to discuss pros and cons of our eDiscovery buyer’s guide and the growing FSS market.

Overall, the cocktail party gave us an opportunity to share business, technology and personal stories as opposed being pummeled with boring speeches and loud music. Mr. Schuren and the Recommind team hosted a great party, looking forward to 2013 when we celebrate Recommind’s success in predictive coding.

In memory of Ursula Talley, VP of Marketing at StoredIQ DCIG and eDSG has extended the deadline for our eDiscovery buyers guide survey until February 10th, 2012. We want to thank several vendors for answering the survey in a timely fashion.  Special thanks to


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