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Author: Joshua L. Konkle

Locking Down the Enterprise Cloud while Keeping It Simple and Easy to Use; Interview with GroupLogic, Part II

In part 2, we continue our discussion with GroupLogic’s Anders Lofgren, Vice President of Marketing and Product Management, by exploring licensing options and how the enterprise mobility space has opened up a new market for the company. As well, we dig deeper into activEcho and learn how it is designed to provide flexible and secure file-sync-and-sharing in the enterprise IT organization while being as simple and easy to use as one of the most popular–but unsecure–consumer grade file-sync-and-share cloud services today.

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To the Exabyte and Beyond!: Cleversafe and Mezeo Partner to Provide Cost-Effective Security and Limitless Scale; Interview with Cleversafe VP of Products and Marketing, Russ Kennedy

Corporate data making its way to public clouds through the use of consumer-based or department selected tools, is a growing concern for many organizations. So is the cost of backup and storage of ever-increasing volumes of data. Cleversafe and Mezeo Software offer solutions to address these concerns, and the two companies recently partnered to provide information technology (IT) managers with an enterprise-class secure file-sync-and-share solution combined with a limitless-scale data storage solution.

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Halting Mobile Mayhem: Dell and Mezeo Partner to Keep Corporate Data off the Public Cloud; Interview with Dell Enterprise Storage Solutions’ Sr. Product Marketing Managers Yatin Chalke and Sarah Doherty

Many organizations are discovering that their users, via a proliferation of wireless devices, and easy access to consumer-based storage clouds, are precariously storing corporate data on pubic clouds. Addressing this growing problem, Dell recently certified Mezeo Software, a provider of the storage services layer for cloud-scale applications, as a partner in the Dell DX Object Storage Technology Partner Program.

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Private Cloud File-Sync-and-Share for Data Leakage Protection

Organizations choosing file-sync-and-share solutions are presented with many options. Buyers and sellers are inquiring with DCIG about “Enterprise Dropbox” options. A popular request is what to look for when selecting a solution. Enterprises and consumers require enhanced features beyond the ease of use and standard consumer capabilities; they require something that these public cloud solutions cannot deliver – security and control.

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Competing as an “Other” in Vertical Markets; Interview with Rorke Data VP of Sales, Bob Herzan, Part I

Rorke Data provides storage solutions and outsourcing services to high-end vertical markets such as medical imaging and surveillance. In this interview, VP of Sales Bob Herzan explains how Rorke Data competes with traditional storage companies by fitting into an “other” market segment by offering tier-one features at tier-two pricing. The company also provides evaluation products and a lab where its value-added resellers can conduct proof of concept trials.

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Private Cloud File-Sync-and-Share for Enterprises

Innovation in the file-sync-and-share market segment of cloud storage is being driven by consumer adoption of public cloud storage technologies. Consumers require enhanced features such as versioning, commenting and one-click file sharing with partners, customers and coworkers. Those features are often delivered without regard to enterprise security, storage and system requirements.

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