DCIG 2014 Hybrid Storage Array Buyer’s Guide Now Available

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DCIG is pleased to announce the availability of its DCIG 2014 Hybrid Storage Array Buyer’s Guide. In this Buyer’s Guide, DCIG weights, scores and ranks 41 hybrid storage arrays from 17 companies.
Hybrid storage arrays promise to deliver the dramatic performance benefits of an all flash memory storage array but at a lower cost since they utilize both flash memory and hard disk drives. The “secret sauce” varies from vendor to vendor, but in every case it involves sophisticated caching and/or automated storage tiering software. The key concept that distinguishes hybrid storage arrays from either all flash arrays or traditional storage arrays is dynamic data placement in a hybrid storage pool that combines flash memory and traditional hard disk drives.
Although enterprise storage professionals are traditionally cautious about adopting new technologies, a recent survey found that a majority of IT professionals in small to medium enterprises were looking at hybrid storage arrays for their next storage purchase. DCIG believes hybrid storage arrays are garnering this kind of attention from enterprises because hybrid storage arrays promise to deliver previously unheard of IOPS and ultra-low latencies at a cost per GB that makes sense to a broad range of businesses.
The plethora of vendors and products in the hybrid storage array marketplace–combined with a lack of readily available comparative data–can make product research and selection a daunting task. DCIG creates Buyer’s Guides in order to help end users accelerate the product research and selection process–driving cost out of the research process while simultaneously increasing confidence in the results.
DCIG invested hundreds of hours designing a survey that would capture the data that matters most to prospective hybrid storage array purchasers, gathering the relevant data, and then analyzing the results. The data collection survey included 103 scored questions. The resulting data was categorized, standardized and distilled into summary scoring and ranking tables as well as a one-page data sheet for each array. This powerful combination of summary data and data sheets make it easy to do quick, side-by-side comparisons of storage arrays–enabling organizations to quickly get to a short list of products that may meet their requirements.
The DCIG 2014 Hybrid Storage Array Buyer’s Guide Top 10 solutions include (in alphabetical order):
Netapp FAS3250
Oracle Sun ZFS Storage 7420 Appliance
Tegile Zebi HA2100
Tegile Zebi HA2100EP
Tegile Zebi HA2400
Tegile Zebi HA2800
The Tegile Zebi HA2800 earned the Best-in-Class ranking among hybrid storage arrays evaluated in this Buyer’s Guide. The Tegile Zebi HA2800, the latest array from Tegile, can function either as an all-flash array or as a hybrid array with the addition of one or more expansion chassis. In comparison to its counterparts, the Tegile Zebi HA2800 stood out in the following ways:
  • The best balance of strengths across all scoring categories.
  • Recommended or Excellent in all scoring categories. 
Other features that users will find useful on the Tegile Zebi HA2800 include:
  • 3x-5x effective capacity from deduplication and compression, along with boosting the effective capacity of the already impressive 192B cache.
  • Excellent data protection features that support per-LUN automated snapshot policies complemented by replication
  • Support for all VMware vSphere VAAI features evaluated by DCIG.
  • Unified storage through concurrent support for both SAN and NAS protocols
The DCIG 2014 Hybrid storage Array Buyer’s Guide achieves the following objectives:
  • Provides an objective, third party evaluation of hybrid storage arrays that evaluates and scores their features from an end user’s perspective
  • Ranks each array in each scoring category and then presenting these results in an easy to understand table
  • Provides a standardized data sheet for each of the arrays so users may do quick side-by-side comparisons of products
  • Provides insights into what features the arrays offer to optimize integration into VMware environments, as well as support for other hypervisors and operating systems
  • Provides insight into which features will result in improved performance
  • Gives any organization a solid foundation for getting competitive bids from different providers that are based on “apples-to-apples” comparisons
The DCIG 2014 Hybrid Storage Array Buyer’s Guide puts at the fingertips of organizations a resource that provides them with a comprehensive list of hybrid storage arrays that can assist them in this important buying decision while removing much of the mystery around how the arrays are configured and which ones are suitable for which purposes.
The DCIG 2014 Hybrid Storage Array Buyer’s Guide is available immediately. It may be downloaded for no charge with registration by following this link.

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