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Author: Joshua L. Konkle

Dell, IBM, HP Incomplete; Enterprise Buyers Replete with Amazon Web Services at $1 Billion in Revenue

In the product and investing world, $1 billion dollars is interesting. Interesting markets draw new and existing companies. Derrick Harris of Gigaom believes Amazon’s latest filing indicates they will have exceeded $1 billion dollars in revenue for Amazon Web Services by year end. $1 billion dollars creates a lot of interest by existing and venture backed product companies.

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Information Governance 2012: Data Science, not Storage and Security, is Required to Manage Big Data

Information managers can expect data storage companies to drive significant campaigns around Big Data as we enter 2012. Storage is the least of anyone’s concerns, according to The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) report Big Data: Harnessing a game-changing asset. Information Governance in 2012 requires Data Science strategy and practitioners be added to all business teams.

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IBM Active Cloud Engine Doesn’t Support Cloud, but Maybe in 2012

IBM briefed DCIG on the details around its October Active Cloud Engine product announcement on Wednesday, November 16, of this past week. The briefing covered three functional areas, two products, one statement of direction and ironically nothing about the cloud. However, IBM deserves kudos for making a big change to its scale out NAS (SONAS) product during its Active Cloud Engine product announcement.

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Big Data, Metadata, and Information Governance; CMIS Enables Scale, Tagging and Predictive Analytics

Consumerization of content consumption models exposes opportunities to incorporate business process metadata with Big Data. Consumerization includes proliferation of social networks, content syndication and mobile devices, such as Apple iPAD, Samsung Tablet, etc. Consumerization of content merging with Enterprise Business Big Data is a challenge best met by standardized content interfaces.

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Information Governance: The Proactive Approach

You hear the words and phrases repeated in legal offices, data centers, break rooms, and boardrooms: liability, indemnity, retention, regulators, act of discovery, compliance. The discomforting sound of Information Governance contains echoes of cost, complexity, inconvenience, and potential penalties.

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iPAD, Flipboard and NOW Amazon kindle fire are Key Devices for readers

Apple iPAD IOS 5 “reader” feature and Flipboard validate DCIG’s engagement analysis publishing model. Our engagement analysis is designed for information technology and business leaders who need objective product information, without the hassle of signing up for it. Further, we designed our publishing interface to be readable and actionable. Many of our readers read DCIG content using our website, twice as many read with their iPAD, Flipboard and other mobile devices.

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Symantec Enterprises Get Revolutionary Infrastructure with Evolutionary Products and Prices from Symantec Storage Foundation 6.0

Enterprises have been hearing about the value and veracity of public cloud for years even as Symantec has been getting feedback on its value proposition from its public cloud customers. The message that Symantec has received is that “ripping and replacing” is not an option. Rather enterprises want and need revolutionary infrastructure with evolutionary products and prices.

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