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Author: Joshua L. Konkle

Amazon Fixes Dropbox Enterprise Gap; File Share and Synch Takes Off

Amazon announced their Storage Gateway (beta) on January 25th, about two days before my article on VMWare and Citrix squaring off in the “Dropbox for Enteprise” market. In my article I noted that VMWare and Citrix are exploiting a based limitation of Dropbox, Evernote and Box introduced by supporting a Consumerization of IT (CoIT) product. Consumer-based file-share-and-synch applications cannot be installed in a company’s data center. As file-share-synch drives cloud adoption in the enterprise, vendors emerge from all corners.

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LegalTech Recap: Big Data, ECA, Enterprise Dropbox and Cocktail Party

DCIG attended LegalTech New York January 30th thru February 1st, 2012. The conference was well attended by legal professionals, consultants, and vendors. While meeting with them a few opportunities stood out as compelling: Mobile device handshake, Four Rules of Early Data Assessment, Enterprise Versions of and, THE Best LegalTech Cocktail Party

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Payload and Event Reporting by MetaFlows CEO Livio Ricciulli, Part III

MetaFlows is a network security monitoring tool implementing some unique capabilities in today’s ever-changing security environment. They are allowing security administrators access to not only aggregated threat information for their own network, but are also alerting them to potential global threats in their enterprise spaces. I am finishing up my interview today with MetaFlows CEO Livio Ricciulli, looking at how they are able to aggregate threat information while maintaining security in a cloud-based solution.

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VMWare and Citrix Square Off in “Dropbox for Enterprise” as Tablets Evolve VDI

Earlier this month DCIG shared some key opportunities poised to make a splash in 2012. Near the top of the list is the Mobile First approach to product development, which is now threatening to disrupt the adoption of traditional Virtual Desktop Infrastructures (VDI). Leading the charge is a combination that VMWare and Citrix both plan to deliver this year: VDI-like application delivery by way of a Mobile First approach, focused on the already widespread adoption of tablet devices in the enterprise.

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Network Security Performance Tuning by MetaFlows CEO Livio Ricciulli, Part II

Network security monitoring is a constantly changing environment of both tools and methodologies. Most of them today, however, have used a lone “cowboy” mentality where datacenter solutions operate independently. MetaFlows is changing that. Today, I am continuing my interview with MetaFlows CEO Livio Ricciulli, discussing how their product is optimizing network security monitoring and performance.

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Network Security Monitoring delivered through a “Software as a Service” Model by MetaFlows CEO Livio Ricciulli, Part I

Enterprise organizations face the daily challenge of ever-growing threats to their network and IT infrastructure. Not only are these threats growing, but they are constantly changing as well, forcing companies to adapt by changing not only their tools but also their training. Today, I’m talking with MetaFlows CEO Livio Ricciulli about how MetaFlows is addressing these problems by delivering network security monitoring using the “Software as a Service” model.

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2012: TV Antennas, Big Data Cleansing, Social Mashups of Content, Mobile First Applications

Expect 2012 to be a great year filled with calamity and surrounded by opportunity. The calamity may arrive in political, mystical, technologic and economic forms. Calamity creates opportunity which brings people, vision, ideas and investment together. When thinking about future history of 2012, four (4) calamities come to mind: 1) Big data cleansing, 2) Social mashups of content, 3) Mobile first cloud applications, and 4) TV antennas

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Cloud Storage is about Application Delivery, not Cheap Backup

2012 ushers in the Consumerization of IT (CoIT) within the enterprise as the most strategic opportunity in IT infrastructure. CoIT is generally defined as consuming applications and content within your work life the same way you do it in your personal life. For enterprises to deliver equivalent applications they need more than an Enterprise App Store, they require a storage cloud supporting customers, partners and employees.

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All-In-One Computing, Tape Library Backup Bundle and Cable Management Top Blogs in 2011

Today is the last business day of 2011 and with it DCIG brings you our top most read and referenced blog entries. Each blog entry is compelling, yet timeless. What we find ironic about these blogs is that even as topics like “cloud,” “deduplication,” and “virtualization” generate a great deal of buzz, simple blog entries on storage, backup and data center labeling outperform them due to their foundations for IT leaders and practitioners.

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Four Prerequisites for eDiscovery/Early Case Assessment Products

Companies who execute Information Governance plans are looking for eDiscovery products supporting Early Case Assessment (ECA). ECA is a combination of search, workflow management, information processing, and multilingual user interfaces. ECA requires a cohesive set of technology, business and data science stakeholders to select products.
ECA is powerful business process, but identifying ECA products is a beleaguering task. ECA mashes together eDiscovery and technology requirements. The “mashing of requirements” creates a broad matrix of products and functionality. Without question, eDiscovery has significantly evolved within the last few years.

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