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To the Exabyte and Beyond!: Cleversafe and Mezeo Partner to Provide Cost-Effective Security and Limitless Scale; Interview with Cleversafe VP of Products and Marketing, Russ Kennedy

Corporate data making its way to public clouds through the use of consumer-based or department selected tools, is a growing concern for many organizations. So is the cost of backup and storage of ever-increasing volumes of data. Cleversafe and Mezeo Software offer solutions to address these concerns, and the two companies recently partnered to provide information technology (IT) managers with an enterprise-class secure file-sync-and-share solution combined with a limitless-scale data storage solution. It eliminates the need for RAID (redundant array of independent disks) and replication methods while maintaining data integrity and availability as well as deployment on existing IT infrastructure. We spoke with Cleversafe VP of Product Strategy and Marketing, Russ Kennedy, to go over this partnership and learn exactly what the resulting solution means for businesses.

Joshua: Russ, we appreciate your time with us on this topic today. It’s great to speak with you.

Russ: Likewise. We’re excited about this partnership and are happy to talk about what it offers.
Joshua: Great. So, getting right into it, why did you choose Mezeo as a partner to your existing product platform?

Russ: Mezeo is the premier provider of enterprise-class file-sync-and-share capabilities to businesses, and Cleversafe is the premier provider of limitless-scale storage for big data. Together, Cleversafe and Mezeo provide customers with the most cost-effective, scalable, reliable, available and secure solution to solve their BYOD [bring your own device] challenges.
Joshua: Your solution targets crucial areas for cloud storage and cloud application managers. Please explain how your product, alone or combined with Mezeo, helps IT improve security–including, but not limited to, mitigating corporate data leakage to the public cloud.

Russ: Cleversafe’s dispersed storage network–dsNet®–system is inherently secure due to the properties of its information dispersal algorithms. Combining this with support for AES-512 encryption for data-at-rest and TLS/SSL [transport layer security / secure sockets layer] encryption for data in motion, Cleversafe can further enhance Mezeo’s security strategy and peace of mind for IT managers.
Joshua: How does your solution enhance existing investments in backup and recovery storage infrastructure?

Russ: By using Cleversafe as the storage system back end for a business’s backup and recovery strategy and Mezeo as the application to enable the backup and recovery policies, customers can achieve significant cost savings by eliminating the need to employ RAID or replication, or both, as part of their data protection and availability strategy. Customers are also able to deploy a Cleversafe-Mezeo backup and recovery solution on existing IT infrastructure through the use of virtual appliances, repurposing existing physical servers, which reduces their capital investment.
Joshua: How does your solution enable users across an organization to leverage enterprise cloud storage that is equivalent to public cloud storage–for example, Amazon Web Services Simple Storage Service (AWS S3)?

Russ: Because Cleversafe’s dsNet system is designed for enterprise applications, a customer is able to utilize a very cost-effective, competitive private cloud storage solution that is equivalent in cost to a public cloud provider, such as Amazon’s S3 offering, but with superior levels of data reliability, data availability and data security. When combined with Mezeo’s file-sync-and-share application, Cleversafe’s dsNet storage system is able to provide users with a best-in-class solution that enables developers to collaborate effectively and efficiently throughout their organization and even across multiple different geographical locations.
Joshua: How does your solution support integrity of one petabyte plus data stored by applications, users, etc., as compared with scale-out SAN/NAS [storage area network / network-attached storage]?

Russ: Cleversafe has been designed from the ground up to support limitless storage capacity and can scale from terabytes to petabytes to exabytes. In comparison with scale-out SAN/NAS, Cleversafe and Mezeo do not have the limitations resulting from traditional file systems and, therefore, are able to support billions, trillions or quadrillions of files or objects–whereas, scale-out SAN/NAS cannot.
Joshua: How does it help to reduce storage costs?

Russ: Because Cleversafe does not rely on RAID or replication to ensure data reliability or availability, but instead employs much more sophisticated and efficient information dispersal algorithms, customers are able to reduce the overall amount of raw storage required while providing even better degrees of data protection and system up-time. By utilizing dispersal algorithms, Cleversafe is able to leverage the most cost-optimized disk drive technologies and capacity points, further reducing the overall system cost. Furthermore, because customers only need to store a single copy of their data with Cleversafe, they are able to realize even more substantial cost savings resulting from less power, cooling and rack space requirements.

DCIG believes the Mezeo secure file-sync-and-share solution combined with the Cleversafe dsNet system delivers an enterprise-class security and limitless-scale storage offering that helps to keep corporate data off the public cloud while lowering the cost of backup and recovery storage infrastructure. The solution provides terabyte to petabyte to Exabyte and beyond storage capacity while eliminating the need to employ RAID or replication methods. As well, it lets users anywhere in the organization collaborate efficiently and effectively.


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