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Category: Mezeo Software Corporation

Private Cloud File-Sync-and-Share for Data Leakage Protection, Part II

Bring your own device (BYOD) file-sync-and-sharing has exploded in 2012. There are over forty (40) companies offering at least one product to organizations of all sizes. Over half of those companies offer a consumer grade version of their file-sync-and-share. With so many options, CIOs are unable to focus on choosing solutions to enable their organization’s workforce while managing data leakage. CIOs can’t choose products because the market hasn’t been consistently defined. In an effort to define a Buyer’s Guide, DCIG is conducting a survey for Mobile Device and Cloud File Sharing.

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To the Exabyte and Beyond!: Cleversafe and Mezeo Partner to Provide Cost-Effective Security and Limitless Scale; Interview with Cleversafe VP of Products and Marketing, Russ Kennedy

Corporate data making its way to public clouds through the use of consumer-based or department selected tools, is a growing concern for many organizations. So is the cost of backup and storage of ever-increasing volumes of data. Cleversafe and Mezeo Software offer solutions to address these concerns, and the two companies recently partnered to provide information technology (IT) managers with an enterprise-class secure file-sync-and-share solution combined with a limitless-scale data storage solution.

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Halting Mobile Mayhem: Dell and Mezeo Partner to Keep Corporate Data off the Public Cloud; Interview with Dell Enterprise Storage Solutions’ Sr. Product Marketing Managers Yatin Chalke and Sarah Doherty

Many organizations are discovering that their users, via a proliferation of wireless devices, and easy access to consumer-based storage clouds, are precariously storing corporate data on pubic clouds. Addressing this growing problem, Dell recently certified Mezeo Software, a provider of the storage services layer for cloud-scale applications, as a partner in the Dell DX Object Storage Technology Partner Program.

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Cloud Storage is about Application Delivery, not Cheap Backup

2012 ushers in the Consumerization of IT (CoIT) within the enterprise as the most strategic opportunity in IT infrastructure. CoIT is generally defined as consuming applications and content within your work life the same way you do it in your personal life. For enterprises to deliver equivalent applications they need more than an Enterprise App Store, they require a storage cloud supporting customers, partners and employees.

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Dell, IBM, HP Incomplete; Enterprise Buyers Replete with Amazon Web Services at $1 Billion in Revenue

In the product and investing world, $1 billion dollars is interesting. Interesting markets draw new and existing companies. Derrick Harris of Gigaom believes Amazon’s latest filing indicates they will have exceeded $1 billion dollars in revenue for Amazon Web Services by year end. $1 billion dollars creates a lot of interest by existing and venture backed product companies.

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