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Author: Jim Nash

DCIG Content is for “Closers”

As a young sales executive years ago I had a really annoying manager who, after seeing Glengary Glennross, used Alec Baldwin’s character as his managerial leadership model. I have to say that we all universally hated him; especially those of us who were actually doing well for the company. I wanted him to pack up his briefcase, his attitude and go away…but I wanted him to leave the leads.

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Clarity is not Underrated

There are a great many things in life that have made me want to get further clarification on issues.  I spent hours scrutinizing the lyrics

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In Business You Always Have to Play the First String

Football season is upon us and I am excited for it to get going. Right now we are seeing the 2nd string and shadow squads getting playing time in exhibition games and while they are wearing our teams’ uniform they are clearly not the first squad.

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Can You Skin Griz Pilgrim?

One of my favorite movies of all time is Jeremiah Johnson; I have probably watched it 50 times if I’ve watched it once. In the early stages of his education to mountain life Johnson meets up with a character named Bear Claw Chris Lapp (played by the guy who played Grandpa Walton).

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Second Place is not Always Such a Bad Thing

In the weeks since we published the Midrange Array Buyers Guide I have spoken to many of the vendors who were reviewed in the guide. Most of you I have spoken to have said how great a document the guide is, how much of a needed tool it is, and have congratulated DCIG on a job well done.

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Fashion has a Message for All of Us in the Storage World!

As spring rolls in on us here in Minnesota, we are digging through our closets in search of things to wear that are not on a list of arctic survival gear, and are bright enough to make us think of warmer times to come. Every so often in that search, I find some things in my closet that surprise me to the point that I ask my wife how I still own that garment.

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Do You Have a Hole in Your Swing?

Like some of you I have spent a good portion of my career as a turnaround guy for sales forces. Without fail I have found that many sales people or channel partners were ill equipped to hit the ball out of the park on behalf of the company. They were decent salespeople for the most part, and knew the product, but had a difficult time educating all levels of the organization that they were selling to and because of that lack of success I looked at “sending them down to the minor leagues”.

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