Clarity is not Underrated

There are a great many things in life that have made me want to get further clarification on issues.  I spent hours scrutinizing the lyrics to Purple Haze by Jimi Hendrix to make sure that he was not excusing himself to “kiss this guy”, I spent years of my life trying to count the licks that it took to get to the center of the Tootsie Pop, and I never did really get over the whole concept of the “subjective participation grade” aspect of drivers education in 9th grade….I mean I was there, in the driving simulator, participating.. Granted I was trying to hit things like parked cars, fire hydrants, and buildings, but I WAS PARTICIPATING Mr Mahanna, I deserved that A! 

So I want to take a moment to bring further clarification for you on a subject that we have addressed a few times this year at DCIG.  Yesterday we released the Virtual Server Backup Software Buyer’s Guide and the winner of the overall scoring has licensed it for lead generation for their purposes (with quite impressive results for the first day I might add!) 

Yet, many are still confused with DCIG prepares its Buyer’s Guides here at DCIG and have registered their frustration with the misplaced criticism of “Pay to Play.” So I am going to give you a Jimi Hendrix moment if you will allow me and detail again for you how the Buyer’s Guides work.

Jimi1.jpgA topic for a Guide is chosen by our staff after considerable research.  A survey is developed that will solicit information from ALL vendors who have products in that space. The survey is sent out to ALL vendors, who then choose to fill out the survey and return it to us here at DCIG. 

The results are input into a scoring model that maps to various numeric scores that comprise the overall totals.  The ranks are derived, double and triple checked, and then published.  The winner (and there will always be a winner in a competitive analysis product like this) will then have the opportunity to license the guide to use for lead generation….thus far our 2 guides have had enthusiastic vendors clambering to license the guide.

So here is the clarification point I want to make; at no time, under any circumstances, for any amount of money, are Buyers Guide’s “Sponsored”  “Underwritten” “”Rigged” “Predetermined” or otherwise written with collusion in mind.  It just won’t happen folks.

Here is what we did and will do for all future guides.  We do all the heavy lifting, research, scoring, writing, and analysis completely betting on the fact that someone will want to take advantage of the high quality research we do here at DCIG. 

We have actually turned down people who want to pay for outcomes….we will not do that for our Buyer’s guides, PERIOD.  This is the most objective method we can do and in so doing we avoid the criticism that other analyst firms are currently trying to dodge of clients receiving preferential treatment over non clients; we will let the data and research bear itself out and if a David of a company beats out a Goliath…so be it.

Our other core products, like those from many other analyst firms, are indeed sponsored.  Case Studies, White Papers, Executive White Papers, Product Evaluations, and Blogging are indeed primarily chartered by our clients, but WE ARE TAKING ALL THE RISK with the Buyer’s Guides and we want you to know that…..because the confusion is still out there in the ether and we want it to dissipate.

So please know that while you may not have won this time around in our guide, we did not conduct this research looking at some companies as grist for the mill or fodder for the cannons, we simply are publishing ground breaking research that is so warmly welcomed by the END USER (your client) that we had one end user tell us recently that these were his new buying bible….

Thanks for stopping by, and if you wanted to know, it took me 115 licks to get to the center of the Tootsie Pop Mr Owl….

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