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Author: Jim Nash

A Fourth Quarter Comeback

I am a football junkie and more specifically a Denver Bronco’s football junkie. I live to watch the Bronco’s during football season. In my opinion there is no better use of a Sunday afternoon than to watch my Bronco’s on the field.

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MacGyver Doesn’t Work Here

If you are like me, you spent some of your youth watching MacGyver week after week as he saved the world from terrorists, despots, mercenaries, and guys with mullets by using a simple collection of toothpaste, duct tape, paper clips, Swiss Army Knife, and a can of spray cheese.

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Mise en Place for Your Marketing and Sales Efforts

I am sparing you from classic TV and Movie analogies this month and am going to share one of my other hobbies as an example of how you need to think about marketing, content, and DCIG. I am going to talk about cooking….yes cooking. I love to cook and because the German language (which I speak) does not have anything that says what I am after I am left to quoting the French (which causes me pain but that’s a subject for another blog entry.)

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The Right Tool for the Job

I was watching my kids build with some scrap lumber from our deck rebuild recently. They were making swords and airplanes, and a box for either a coffin that Barbie would occupy or to store something of considerable importance.

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Hey Honey… What is This in the Fridge?

Every now and then I look into the inner recesses of the refrigerator looking to score some great leftover for lunch, or a small snack. I know that my wife will stash the “good stuff” out of view of the kids so that one of us can have the last little bite of the steak, clam sauce linguini, or smoked sirloin. It is a glorious thing to dwell over the last bite of ribs or something yummy and I love to go looking.

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A Little Spring Cleaning – Machine Gun Barbie Bites the Dust

We have just entered the “brown snow season” in Minnesota; that time when we start seeing warmer temperatures (above 25F) and some of the 4 feet of snow that fell over winter starts to melt. This false sense of hope makes us almost giddy but if we’re honest we know that we likely to get about 2 more feet of snow before we see green grass emerge………yay!

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And Now for Something Completely Different …

This week I was talking to a prospect in the marketing department of a company that I had been introduced to by a colleague. They are in the storage industry and are looking to make a big splash by flooding their “message” out to end users, resellers, and analysts. I was told that they had a very well developed content stable so they may not need the full range of DCIG services but that introducing my company to them could prove beneficial.

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Do You Validate?

I left the house in a rush to get to my meeting in downtown Minneapolis and was thrilled to find a parking structure that had room to park still. As I pulled up the ramp to swipe my credit card, I realized that I had in my haste left the house without my wallet and had about $11.00 cash in my pocket.

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And Now a Word from Our Sponsor

I have to admit to a guilty pleasure of LOVING the original Let’s Make a Deal Show. I was a young kid in the 1970’s and we regularly watched Monty Hall, Carol Merril, and Jay Stewart have fun with the audience ( dressed up in outrageous outfits) getting them to trade really decent prizes with the hopes of getting something even better and getting screwed in the process.

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