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And Now for Something Completely Different …

This week I was talking to a prospect in the marketing department of a company that I had been introduced to by a colleague.  They are in the storage industry and are looking to make a big splash by flooding their “message” out to end users, resellers, and analysts.  I was told that they had a very well developed content stable so they may not need the full range of DCIG services but that introducing my company to them could prove beneficial.

The ensuing conversation reminded very much me of one of my favorite Monty Python’s Flying Circus show sketches; The Cheese Shop sketch.

(Cue the Bouzouki music)

Me: So you are trying to get the message out into the hands of end users looking to make a buying decision right? So you probably have some Case Studies to share with them?

Prospect: No, not today.

Me: Ok, then do you have any White papers that you are able to put into the hands of their hands so that they can look at your technical benefits in a detailed manner?

Prospect:  Afraid we are fresh out.

Me:  Webinars?

Prospect: No

Me: Executive white papers?

Prospect: No

Me: Product Evaluations

Prospect: We had one coming, but the truck broke down.

Me: How about blogs? Certainly you must have blogs?

Prospect: No

Product spec sheets?
Prospect: Oh yes…!  We have those.

Me: Super, we can derive content from them and a briefing with your team, can we get some of them to start with?

Well, they are kind of runny…

Me: Oh that’s OK, we like them runny! We can tighten them up for you and deliver them in a way that resonates with your prospective clients.

Prospect: Hmmmmm it seems that the cat ate them.

Not really much of a cheese shop is it?

Huh?  Did you say cheese shop?

Me: Oh, sorry, never mind.

You get the idea…and no I did not end the call the same way John Cleese ended the Cheese Shop Sketch in case you were wondering.

What I concluded from this call is what many of you may be up against.  That your marketing department and sales team do not have anything really to utilize when spreading the message of your company.  That is where DCIG can help; we have one of the best selections of content forms you can choose from.

DCIG provides content for our clients in many forms: Case Studies, White Papers, Blogs, Executive White Papers, Product Evaluations, and numerous other content generation services.  As a company whose analysts are comprised primarily of former end users, we understand what other end users are looking for from a collateral standpoint and deliver a very usable product that is appreciated by our clients for their concise nature and attention to detail.

Have a great long weekend! I’m off to look for some cheesy comestibles……


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