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You Need a SuperHero – Especially If You Plan to Use a Porta-Potty

This weekend I was at the Minnesota State Soccer tournament that my 15 year old son was playing in and inspiration for this article presented itself.  It was a hot day (114F heat index) and people were downing Gatorade and water by the gallon which also meant many many trips to the porta-potty in response.

As one of the parents was walking back from one of those trips I heard language that would make most sailors blush from the mouth of an otherwise pretty subdued guy.  He was on a rant of such proportion that he was fast becoming the center of attention for many on the sidelines and I saw some mothers rush to cover the ears of younger children lest they add new words to their repertoire that 2nd graders need not add.

I was one of a few people that were close to the fuming madman as he walked back to the crowd and overheard the reason for his blazing anger.  It seems that while he was in the porta-potty he decided to check email for work and was busily typing away and taking care of things in the porta-potty and had forgotten to lock the door.  When someone opened the door to use he was startled and dropped his iPhone right into the blue stew!

porta-potty blue.JPGTo hear him tell the story after the embarrassment of the door opening subsided, panic struck and he looked into the murky depths of blue ugliness and began freaking out! 

He saw the lighted screen shining in the muck right before it switched off so he knew where it was in the tank, but he admitted that he did not have the stomach to go in after it (I can’t say that I blame him).  He thought long and hard about ways he could retrieve his phone but none of them seemed to work or was worth the effort, so he began the walk back to the game.

After he recounted the story to us, I chimed in and asked him if he had done a recent backup of his contacts and phone contents because with those backups he could simply restore all of that data to a replacement phone once purchased. 

The look on his face said it all. The answer was “No,” he had not backed up and indeed hundreds of contacts were lost, along with all of his pictures.  That is what was causing him to freak out the most….losing the phone and not having backed up was going to cost this CEO of a growing company a lot of headache and potentially some lost business opportunities.

He needed a SuperHero in his life.  No not Super Man, or some kind of super hero that can dive in porta potty glop and rescue things, but he needed an Iomega SuperHero backup and charger for iPhone.

This product was introduced to me by Iomega President Jonathan Huberman at a recent briefing and I have to say that I was impressed with the simplicity and elegance of the product.  For $59.99 US you get a phone charging base that also backs up your contacts and pictures onto a 4GB chip stored in the charger base.superhero base.JPGHow much more simple can it get really?  You have to charge your phone and, in doing so, you are creating a daily back up of your important data. 

If you are like the CEO I was telling you about you live off of your iPhone and are probably guilty of not backing your information up.  If you fit that description the SuperHero is for you; because like the CEO at the soccer game you may add contacts to your phone but not to another device or application to store it.  If you lost your iPhone how would you fare?  Would you shrug it off in style and restore your data or would you freak out like my guy on Saturday?
iPhone Superhero.JPG
The only thing that could make the SuperHero better is if it backed the data up to the cloud so that if tech support folks needed to assist in setting up a replacement phone they could access your data or if you were traveling without your charging base and needed to restore you could download that file, but other than that I see this as a HUGE asset to any corporate phone support arsenal and an absolute must for those who have personal iPhones.

Think about it, you use your iPhone in lots of strange places like a porta-potty, by the pool, mountain biking, and are susceptible to breaking or losing it on a daily basis.  Protect yourself and get a SuperHero so that when bad things happen you won’t educate others using new curse words as you freak out around them.


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