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In Business You Always Have to Play the First String

Football season is upon us and I am excited for it to get going.  Right now we are seeing the 2nd string and shadow squads getting playing time in exhibition games and while they are wearing our teams’ uniform they are clearly not the first squad.

They are not likely to see much on field time when the regular season is in full swing.  Instead you will see the familiar names that teams depend on the likes of Brady, Brees, Favre, Manning, Orton and others that are household names.

manning.JPGYou will not likely hear the name of any lineman (personal grudge there), or the name of even phenom rookies for that matter.  Why?  The first string stars get the nod because they deliver.

I am writing this as I am flying back from VM world and I want to draw this analogy for you.  Many of you are playing your 2nd string and even your shadow squad when it comes to content generation.  If I had a trade show vendor T-Shirt for every time I heard “We are just desperate for case studies because our staff does not have the time…” I would have a suitcase stuffed with T shirts. Well, I actually do but that’s beside the point.

Even for those few of you who do have the time or are capable of writing your own content, here is the other nugget of information that we heard as we walked the floor of VM World: customers appreciate the objectivity we bring to bear, and are relying on DCIG’s analysis to make buying decisions.  Your internally written content will likely be seen as biased and, while it may all be accurate, it is viewed by end-users as a piece of content that is written by someone paid to drink your Kool-Aid. 

At DCIG our clients find us to be a proven generator of top notch content.  Further, we receive many accolades from our many followers regarding the depth and richness of the content we product. They look at us at their first string team that they can confidently hand off or pass to their sales people so they can make those 80 yard TD passes or runs. 

The preseason may just be wrapping up so they can afford to put in their second stringers for one more week. But beginning next week, only the first string players come out to play.

You don’t have that luxury. You need to put your best foot forward each every time and every day you step out onto the fired but if you are only playing with second string content, what sort of results can you realistically expect from your marketing and sales teams?

So if you need Case Studies, White papers, Executive White papers, or a product evaluation, we are ready to get in the game. DCIG is ready to get in the game for you, ready to equip your team to win, and ready to help you put best possible content into the hands of your prospects so just put us in, coach, put us in.


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