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Telecomm Teams Come to Bell Micro and HP for NEBS Expertise and OEM Service

The value of OEM service is apparent to many types of business, and none more than telecomm. The precise technology requirements and service expertise which is required by telecomm businesses raise the bar for OEM providers like Bell Micro. Bell Micro has capitalized on these requirements by carving out a successful niche within the OEM market in which Bell Micro could be said to be the undisputed leader.

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“To Cloud” is Officially a Verb in Today’s Data Center

Cloud is this year’s virtualization, or ILM, or even ASP for those of us who go back a while. Cloud is the latest term of interest in the data management market, but one that is fraught with the same level of confusion and misunderstanding as those previous terms. However, cloud brings with it a certain level of interest and for good reason: virtualization technologies are one of the only methods available that offer to solve a problem plaguing IT budgets and environments.

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HP, VMware, Intel and Bell Micro Team to Offer Extreme OEM Advantages for Virtual Solutions

As most know, Intel has been in a race to offer better processing performance with the goal of enabling better server consolidation. Their XEON 5500 series offers “the best generation to generation performance gain ever seen” by Intel, according to Bryce Olson who works in Intel’s data center product group. The server compression that results is 9 or 10 to 1, with the XEON 5600 promising 12:1 ratios. This type of compression along with the XEON’s energy efficiency features enable cost recapture within 12 months, according to Olson.

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Branded OEM Appliance Solutions Can Deliver both Lower Costs AND Increased Revenue

Delivering software specific solutions in the form of appliances have turned niche software applications such as deduplication into some of today’s hottest mainstream technologies. But independent software vendors (ISVs) can still be fearful that offering their software in the form of an appliance can rob from existing revenue streams and create new support costs. In this final segment of a 3-part series, independent consultant to Bell Micro, Tom Baylark, discusses how offering software on an appliance can broaden software’s appeal without increasing and even possibly lower ISV costs.

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Branded Hardware Platforms are NOT Created Equal

Resellers and their customers increasingly expect that the software they use for specific applications such as video surveillance and CAT Scans is delivered to them in the form of appliances for faster, turnkey deployments. But just because the software is bundled with hardware in the form of an appliance does not mean all solutions are the same, even those delivering branded appliance solutions.

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Customers, Channel Now Rely on Appliances to Deliver Latest Software Functionality

Independent software vendors (ISVs) that sell software based on x86 hardware platforms face a new type of challenge in today’s economic environment. While their software can run on any vendor’s hardware platform, the time it takes for them to install, configure and support their software on each platform gives resellers pause and is prompting resellers and customers alike to look for the ISV’s software in the form of appliance-based solutions.

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Branded Solutions or White Boxes for Geeks: Bell Micro Supplies and Supports Both

Build your own (white box) or purchase an industry-branded solution for implementation of appliances – that is the question. Even today, this question continues to plague many customers as well as divide OEM businesses. Depending on the equipment (components or solutions) OEMs are quick to argue their case as to why white boxes are better than a branded solution or vice versa. However each solution has its place in the market. And, for the smart OEM, maybe the choice doesn’t have to be one or the other.

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HP-Bell Micro OEM Relationship Puts Focus on TCO

This blog entry contains a series of questions DCIG posed to Jeff Otchis, OEM Program Manager at HP. Jeff’s role consists of supporting and growing the ISS (Industry Standard Servers) OEM business through the Americas channel by working closely within HP and with channel partners to define business metrics and increase the revenue stream through OEM efforts. In this interview, Jeff gives us his insight and perspective on OEMs, how OEMs fit into HP’s program, and how HP has been working with Bell Micro.

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Infrastructure Management is all in a Day’s Work for Bell Micro’s OEM Team

Infrastructure management remains one of the nagging, unresolved issues of the information age. Companies bring more computer equipment in every size, shape and form into their data centers and offices. Getting this equipment installed and configured is rarely a problem. But tracking what pieces of equipment are under warranty, and when those warranties expire and keeping that information easily accessible when it is needed, is a rarity. Add the software maintenance contracts for each OS and application, each of which has its own expiration date, and the burden on already stressed IT teams is enormous.

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A Cure to the 4-Hour Break/Fix Problem

The last thing anyone usually thinks about is the details of the service contract when they purchase a new product. Companies at a high level may know they are signing up for next day or 4 hour break/fix support. But, in practice, there is no guarantee in the contract in terms of when they will actually get their product repaired and their application back online. All that the 4-hour service level guarantees is that a qualified technician will be on-site within 4 hours.

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