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TrueCommand Brings Unified Management and Predictive Analytics to ZFS Storage

Many businesses are embarking on digital transformation initiatives that will put technology at the core of business value creation. At the same time, many of these same businesses are seeking to reduce or eliminate the cost of managing IT infrastructure. Storage vendors are addressing these seemingly incompatible goals by investing in new storage management capabilities including unified management, automation, predictive analytics, and proactive support.
iXsystems already offered API-based integration into automation frameworks and proactive support for TrueNAS. Now iXsystems has released TrueCommand to bring the benefits of unified storage management with predictive analytics to owners of its ZFS-based TrueNAS and FreeNAS arrays.

Key Business Benefits of TrueCommand Unified Management and Predictive Analytics

  • Unifies the management of primary and secondary storage
  • Increases uptime while decreasing storage management costs
  • Empowers storage administrators and managed service providers
  • Enables team-based global operations and security

Unifies the Management of Primary and Secondary Storage

infographic showing that TrueCommand can provide unified management of all TrueNAS and FreeNAS systems
TrueCommand provides unified management of both TrueNAS and FreeNAS storage systems. Many TrueNAS customers were introduced to iXsystems via FreeNAS, later upgrading toTrueNAS to run key business applications on fault-tolerant appliances with enterprise-level support. Customers with both TrueNAS for mission-critical applications and FreeNAS systems for backup, replication targets, or less critical workloads, can manage both seamlessly via TrueCommand.

Increases Uptime While Reducing Storage Management Costs

TrueCommand takes the complexity out of managing large storage environments with multiple NAS systems in multiple locations. The robust functionality of TrueCommand increases uptime while reducing storage management costs.
Centralized alerts. TrueCommand centralizes the management of alerts. In addition to the standard system alerts, storage administrators can define custom alerts. The alerts for all managed systems show up on the web-based dashboard. Administrators can also define notification groups to receive specific alerts via email. Thus, TrueCommand keeps the right people informed of any current or potential storage system problems.
Predictive analytics. TrueCommand provides predictive analytics focused on array health and capacity planning. Administrators can define thresholds that will trigger alerts based on these predictive analytics. For example, the system can issue alerts when certain capacity utilization thresholds are reached in a storage pool. This gives administrators needed lead time to add capacity or move workloads to less heavily utilized arrays.
In addition, TrueCommand analytics can run locally on the array or on a local server. Consequently, this benefit is available even on air-gapped systems; a requirement for many TrueNAS customers.
Proactive support. Storage management overhead can be further reduced by sending alerts to iXsystems USA-based support engineers for expert, proactive intervention. As many others have discovered, the combination of predictive analytics and proactive support is a potent weapon for increasing uptime and reducing storage administration costs. Proactive support is included in all Silver or above support entitlements.
Integration. Many iXsystems customers that could gain the most benefit from TrueCommand have already made substantial investments in infrastructure management tools and processes. TrueCommand employs REST and WebSocket APIs to provide real-time monitoring of TrueNAS and FreeNAS storage systems, collect performance statistics, enable and disable services, and even configure and monitor TrueCommand. Customers can use these same APIs to integrate these TrueCommand capabilities with their existing infrastructure management tools and processes.

Empowers Storage Administrators and Managed Service Providers

TrueCommand empowers enterprise and managed services provider storage administrators by enabling each administrator to proactively manage a large number of storage systems.

TrueCommand dashboard shows unified management of TrueNAS and FreeNAS systems
TrueCommand Dashboard

Visibility. The TrueCommand dashboard provides visibility to an entire organization’s TrueNAS and FreeNAS storage systems. It includes an auto-discovery tool that expedites the process of identifying and integrating systems into TrueCommand.
Customizable reports. Administrators can create graphical reports and add them to the reporting page. Reports are configurable and can span any group of systems or set of metrics. This enables the administrator and any sub-admins to view the storage system data that they deem most relevant to their administrative duties. They can also export chart data in CSV or JSON format for external use.

Single sign-on. Once a storage system appears on the dashboard, authorized administrators can log in by clicking on the system name. This feature is faster, simpler and more secure than looking up IP addresses and login credentials in a separate document or using a single password across multiple systems.

Enables Team-based Global Operations and Security

Role-based Access Control (RBAC). TrueCommand administrators can specify different levels of system visibility by assigning arrays to system groups, and individuals to teams and/or departments. By assigning different levels of access to each group, the administrator creates the level of access appropriate to each individual in a manageable, granular fashion. These RBAC controls can leverage existing LDAP and Active Directory identities and groups, eliminating redundant effort, error, and management overhead.
Audit logs. TrueCommand records all storage administration actions in secure audit logs. This helps to quickly identify what changed and who changed it when troubleshooting any storage issues.

TrueCommand Brings Unified Management and Predictive Analytics to FreeNAS and TrueNAS

Many enterprises and managed service providers are seeking to reduce the cost of managing IT infrastructure. But until now they have been forced to purchase proprietary storage systems or to go through extensive development efforts to create these capabilities in-house. Now iXsystems is bringing these benefits to the TrueNAS product family, including Open Source FreeNAS, through the simple to implement, yet powerful, TrueCommand storage management utility.
TrueCommand will add significant value to any organization that is managing multiple TrueNAS and/or FreeNAS storage systems. It should also put TrueNAS on more short lists as companies refresh their IT infrastructures with cost-effective enterprise infrastructure in mind.
Availability and licensing. TrueCommand is available now. TrueNAS and FreeNAS customers can manage up to 50 total drives across multiple storage systems without any purchase or contract. Beyond 50 drives, customers can purchase licenses based on the total number of drives and desired support level.


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