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An Intro to Cloud Storage for Business

Cloud ComputingIn the past, “office supplies” meant desks, typewriters, filing cabinets, paper and pens – and lots of them. Today’s business world, however, is a digital one, and most business isn’t done with pen and paper any more. From payroll to client information to contracts and more, unless your digital content is safely backed up and stored off-site, an emergency at your facility could cause catastrophic damage to your business. That’s where cloud storage comes in.

In simplest terms, cloud storage involves backing up data to an off-site, third party storage system. Ever have a hard drive crash? Remember all the files you lost and all the time you spent trying to get everything set up again? A cloud storage system prevents situations like that from ever being a worry for you … but for businesses, on a much larger scale.

A few reasons cloud storage is a must-have tool for all businesses today:

Instant, automatic “backup”

With cloud storage, there’s no need for CDs, external hard drives, or localized servers. Your data is quickly and automatically updated in the cloud and available for your retrieval whenever you need it.

Continuous security and protection of your data

Should your office become the victim of a burglary, fire, or natural disaster, you can rest assured that the most important part of your business continuity – your data – is safe and secure in the cloud, even if your physical assets are destroyed.

Easy access to your data whenever and wherever you need it

Since your files are stored in the cloud rather than locally, you may access your information from just about anywhere in the world, meaning your business stays running smoothly no matter where you and your colleagues are.


One of the greatest benefits of cloud storage is its ability to grow with its users. As your business grows in size and your storage needs increase, there’s no need for more infrastructure – you just keep backing up more data to the cloud.

Low cost of ownership

With no need for physical, on-site storage space, you can have a smaller workspace, less equipment to buy, and fewer IT employees to maintain your equipment and manage your data. Beyond that, you free up your IT staff’s time to focus on tasks more important to your business growth.

If your business hasn’t moved to the cloud yet, we recommend you add it to your list of New Year’s Resolutions! Sign up for one of our free webinars to find out how cloud storage from Zetta can help your organization.


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