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DCIG Initiating Research into SDS Backup Targets

Building upon DCIG’s four TOP 5 reports on physcial NAS backup targets, DCIG has initiated research into the growing segment of utilizing software-defined storage as backup targets. DCIG intends to publish one or TOP 5 reports based on this research. It invites all SDS backup target providers to participate.

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The Right Deduplication Method for the Right Data: Interview with Sepaton’s Director of Product Management, Peter Quirk, Part III

Anyone who is close to backup recognizes that some types of data deduplicate better than others. However trying to translate that understanding of the environment into meaningful backup policies is almost impossible since it is both complicated and time consuming to successfully implement. Using the new Sepaton VirtuoSO platform, it is able to choose the best form of deduplication for each backup stream on the fly. In this third part of my interview series with Sepaton’s Director of Product Management, Peter Quirk, we discuss how its VirtuoSO platform detects the nature of incoming backup data and then automatically invokes the best deduplication method to deduplicate the data.

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Software-Defined Solutions May Only Take Companies Back in Time

2013 has become the year where discussions around software-defined data centers, networking and storage have gone mainstream. But when I talk with end-users from a number of organizations, they are somewhat scratching their head over why there is so much buzz over this technology. Most are looking to acquire and deploy technologies in their environments that are simpler to deploy and manage – not harder. As such, they sense these new software-defined solutions may only take them back in time to a place they do not want to be.

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DCIG 2014 Enterprise Midrange Array Buyer’s Guide Now Available

DCIG is pleased to announce the availability of its DCIG 2014 Enterprise Midrange Array Buyer’s Guide.. In this Buyer’s Guide, DCIG weights, scores and ranks more than 50 enterprise midrange arrays from 19 companies. Although the print edition of the DCIG 2014 Enterprise Midrange Array Buyer’s Guide includes just 50 midrange array data sheets, at least 100 array models are actually represented, because nearly every data sheet represents a series of arrays.

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Preview of the 2013 DCIG Private Cloud Storage Array Buyer’s Guide

Around two years ago the DCIG 2011 Enterprise Scale-Out Storage Buyer’s Guide was released. At the time we mentioned that scale-out systems were being used to store “Big Data” and create private storage clouds. Since then scale-out storage systems have become the foundation for building out private storage clouds which prompted DCIG to change the name of our refreshed Buyer’s Guide to better reflect the intended use case for these storage arrays.

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NetApp Goes Back to Its Roots to Lay the Foundation for Its Future

To say or imply that NetApp was in any near term danger of falling from its position as a storage leader would be a gross mischaracterization of its current condition. However it would be accurate to say that the industry lacked clarity as to how NetApp would respond to the encroachment of flash memory storage arrays on the high performance end of storage. After attending the NetApp Industry Analyst event this week it is now clear that to address this challenge NetApp plans to go back to its roots to lay the foundation for its future.

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A 7 Part Answer to the Performance Question

A question that gets raised almost every time that DCIG releases a Buyer’s Guide is, “Why are performance metrics not included in the Guide or considered in its evaluation of the products?” While DCIG has answered this question in various ways and in a number of forums over the last few years, we thought it appropriate to aggregate those randomly posted responses into a more definitive blog entry to address this particular question as it inevitably comes up.

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Nexsan Acquistion Puts Imation on SME Storage Solution Provider Short List

There is a tendency to look at Big Data and private cloud storage strictly from the perspective of enterprises that need to manage petabytes (PBs) of data. But small and midsized enterprises (SMEs) have their own smaller Big Data and private cloud storage needs that require they manage and store tens or hundreds of terabytes (TBs) of data with just a few people. Imation’s recent announcement that it is acquiring Nexsan Corporation gives SMEs a compelling new option to pursue to meet their specific Big Data and cloud storage requirements.

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Three Basic Principles to Follow When Implementing a Private Cloud

It is no longer a matter a question of “if” most organizations are going to implement a private cloud; it is more a matter of “when” and “how to best proceed.” This is where it can get a little hazy as it is not always clear what path an organization should follow to ensure it ends up with a private cloud that meets its needs. While this path is not the same for every organization, there are three principles that organizations may follow to have a high degree of assurance that they will end up with a private cloud that meets their needs.

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DCIG 2012 Backup Appliance Buyer’s Guide Now Available

DCIG is pleased to announce the availability of its inaugural 160+ page DCIG 2012 Backup Appliance Buyer’s Guide that weights, scores and ranks over 80 features on more than 60 different backup appliances from 13 different storage providers. This Buyer’s Guide addresses the growing demand that organizations of all sizes have for purpose built backup appliances that are specifically designed and tuned to protect consolidated physical and virtual IT infrastructures.

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