CommVault and STORServer Poised to Deliver the Best Backup Appliance Experience Possible

CommVault – the #1 solution in Virtual Server Backup Software. STORServer – the #1 solution in Backup Appliances. Putting these two together would, on paper, create a very powerful data management and protection solution for organizations. Now it is no longer on paper but “for real.” Today CommVault and STORServer jointly announce the availability of a new series of STORserver backup appliances powered by CommVault Simpana that are poised to deliver a better backup appliance experience for organizations.
One of the fastest growing areas of data protection today is backup appliances. Yet in the midst of this growth one of the most prominent names in data protection – CommVault – had no such backup appliance solution to offer its current or prospective customers.
CommVault has for many years hitched its wagon to Dell who provided CommVault-powered backup appliances. But Dell’s acquisitions of AppAssure and Quest Software who each had their own backup software solutions left serious questions as to how the CommVault-Dell relationship would play out.
That question has now been largely answered. While the relationship between Dell and CommVault is still evolving as CommVault on its recent Q1 2014 earnings call, Dell has ceased to sell backup appliances powered by CommVault Simpana.
This transition has put CommVault in a bit of a predicament. Even though it still gets about 20 percent of its revenue from Dell, not shipping its software as a backup appliance even as the backup appliance space heats up puts in a bad spot with current and prospective customers as well as its resellers. Aggravating the situation, many of these organizations now want and expect providers such as CommVault to provider them with a viable backup appliance option.
Today CommVault answers their call. By aligning with STORServer, CommVault does more than once again make Simpana available as a backup appliance; it makes it available as one of the most robust backup appliance configurations on the planet.
STORServer differs from Dell in an important way: it is laser-focused on providing enterprise quality backup appliances and knows each one in its product line inside out. These strengths contributed to it backup appliance being the only one to achieve an Enterprise ranking in the most recent DCIG Backup Appliance Buyer’s Guide
Together CommVault and STORServer combine to deliver an even better backup appliance experience than what either of these companies could previously do on their own.  In STORServer, CommVault gets a company that offers backup appliances built for the enterprise as they run on hardened IBM hardware that is tested and ready for deployment in these environments. In STORServer’s case, it gets enterprise, best-in-class software that is built for the specific data management and protection requirements of today’s enterprises.
Yet what is maybe most important in these new CommVault-powered backup appliances from STORServer is what organizations receive. They get choice as STORServer makes these backup appliances available in everything from the Under $10K BA600 to its enterprise EBA2200 model. They get enterprise hardware with the availability, performance, reliability, and stability that they need. They get software that consistently tops analyst’s charts and exceeds user expectations. In short, organizations stand to get more than just a better backup appliance experience; they may get one of the best ones possible.

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