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Category: iSCSI

Fusion-io Acquires NexGen to Accelerate the Process of Data Center Transformation

Last week’s acquisition of NexGen Storage by Fusion-io was greeted with quite a bit of fanfare by the storage industry. But as an individual who has covered Fusion-io for many years and talked one-on-one with their top executives on multiple occasions, its acquisition of NexGen signaled that Fusion-io wanted to do more than deliver an external storage array that had its technology built-in. Rather Fusion-io felt it was incumbent for it to take action and accelerate the coming data center transformation that it has talked and written about for years.

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The Two Forces Driving the Evolution (or is it Revolution?) in Enterprise Midrange Array Architectures

In May 2010 DCIG released its first-ever Midrange Array Buyer’s Guide in which we covered 70+ models from over 20 vendors. Fast forward just three (3) short years later and DCIG is on track to release not one, not two, not three no, not even four Buyer’s Guides on enterprise midrange arrays but five distinct Buyer’s Guides on this topic! So what has changed in just three (3) short years that DCIG feels the need to produce so many? To understand this requires a closer look at the forces that are driving the evolution and revolution in enterprise midrange arrays.

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DCIG 2013 Midrange Unified Storage Array Buyer’s Guide Now Available

DCIG is pleased to announce the availability of its inaugural DCIG 2013 Midrange Unified Storage Array Buyer’s Guide that weights, scores and ranks over 100 features on 30 different storage arrays from eight (8) different storage providers. This Buyer’s Guide provides the critical information that small and midsize enterprises particularly need in regards to storage arrays that will need to serve a variety of purposes within their organization. These purposes may include storing large amounts of unstructured data such as files and emails, hosting virtualized and high performance applications and even serving as a target for archival and backup data stores.

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SSD Optimization Techniques that Minimize MLC Flash Deficiencies – Interview Series Part II with WhipTail CTO Candelaria

Today is part 2 of an interview I recently did with WhipTail Technologies Chief Technology Officer, James Candelaria, an emerging provider of SSD storage solutions. In my last entry, he and I discussed one major roadblock to widespread enterprise SSD adoption: the performance penalty incurred by garbage collection. This time, we’ll look at how WhipTail optimizes SSD performance while minimizing the deficiencies of MLC flash.

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DCIG 2012 Midrange Array Buyer’s Guide Now Available for Free Download

Today DCIG is very excited to announce the availability of its updated DCIG 2012 Midrange Array Buyer’s Guide that weights, scores and ranks over 90 features on more than 50 midrange arrays from 18 different storage providers. However the reason that DCIG believes users will find this guide even more helpful and insightful than the prior DCIG 2010 Midrange Array Buyer’s Guide is that it takes an in-depth look into how well each midrange array integrates with VMware and supports its vStorage APIs.

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Initial Observations from the Forthcoming DCIG 2012 Midrange Array Buyer’s Guide

If you are a regular follower of the DCIG blog site you may have noticed that there has been a noticeable lack of blogging activity on DCIG’s site this week. Unfortunately it is not because I have been taking a vacation, fishing or merely lounging by the lake. Rather I have been locked away in my office completing the background research associated with the upcoming release of the DCIG 2012 Midrange Array Buyer’s Guide due out in the 4th quarter of 2011. Out of that some interesting early observations have emerged.

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Time to Refresh the DCIG 2010 Midrange Array Buyer’s Guide

About a year ago DCIG decided to do something completely different in the analyst space: a side-by-side independent comparison of products in a particular market segment in the form of a Buyer’s Guide. The end result of that was the DCIG 2010 Midrange Array Buyer’s Guide. But believe it or not, a year has already passed since that was produced and it is now time to update and refresh that Buyer’s Guide for a number of reasons.

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DCIG 2011 Small Enterprise Storage Array Buyer’s Guide Now Available

Today DCIG and Foskett Services are pleased to jointly announce the availability of DCIG’s latest Buyer’s Guide, the 2011 Small Enterprise Storage Array Buyer’s Guide. This Buyer’s Guide is focused on storage arrays that are priced from approximately $10,000 – $30,000 and is specifically targeted at small enterprises and business units within large enterprises who are looking for the most value for their IT dollar when spending on storage.

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HP Shares Details about the Future of 3PAR within its StorageWorks Division

Now that the acquisition of 3PAR by HP is a done deal, there are three big questions on the minds of many. How will 3PAR’s InServ Storage Servers fit into HP’s overall storage portfolio? Is HP’s relationship with HDS over? Does HP keep its EVA line of storage? These are some of the questions I was able to get answered this week when I met with Craig Nunes, the new HP Director of StorageWorks Marketing at Storage Networking World (SNW) 2010.

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