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DCIG 2011 Small Enterprise Storage Array Buyer’s Guide Now Available

Today DCIG and Foskett Services are pleased to jointly announce the availability of DCIG’s latest Buyer’s Guide, the 2011 Small Enterprise Storage Array Buyer’s Guide. This Buyer’s Guide is focused on storage arrays that are priced from approximately $10,000 – $30,000 and is specifically targeted at small enterprises and business units within large enterprises who are looking for the most value for their IT dollar when spending on storage.
SESA-2011-Buyers-Guide-Logo Final.jpgSmall enterprise storage arrays have become a critical and vibrant part of the storage market though it is one that has been largely overlooked because they are perceived as having limited feature sets, storage capacity and storage network connectivity. As such, small and midsize organizations have for the most part been left to fend for themselves in terms of figuring out which of these storage arrays are the most appro­priate fit for their environments.

However the advent of server virtualization and virtual server operating systems, such as VMware ESX and vSphere, has driven a massive spike in demand for networked storage with even the smallest IT shops possessing applications that require advanced features and high performance.

This demand is driving innovation in this class of storage arrays with advanced features being introduced on small enterprise storage arrays at a dizzying pace. It may even be safe to say that the features found on small enterprise storage arrays will eventu­ally trickle up to high-end arrays!

In preparing this Buyer’s Guide, DCIG and Foskett Services looked at over 50 features on 21 models from thirteen (13) different vendors who offered arrays that met our definition of “small enterprise storage array.” The criteria for a storage array’s inclusion in this Buyer’s Guide were as follows:

  • It had to allow networked storage connectivity (FC, iSCSI, and/or NAS) to multiple servers
  • It had to support at least twelve (12) internal hard disk drives (HDDs)
  • There had to be sufficient public available information to make a meaningful decision
  • The model had to be shipping by December 1, 2010
  • It had to be approximately priced between $10,000 and $30,000

Some of the key findings that came out of the research that went into preparing this 2011 Small Enterprise Storage Array Buyer’s Guide include:

  • 86% of the arrays support both 1 Gb Ethernet and the iSCSI protocol
  • 52% of the arrays support FC (4 Gb or higher)
  • Only 38% of the arrays support 10 Gb Ethernet
  • Only 24% of the arrays support NAS
  • All arrays that support NAS also support iSCSI
  • 67% offer support for a single storage controller
  • 47% offer support for dual storage controllers
  • 19% offer support for either single or dual storage controller configurations

The following vendors have storage arrays that are included in this Buyer’s Guide. Those vendors having an asterisk next to their name possess storage arrays that achieved a “Top 10” overall score in this Buyer’s Guide:

The raw data featured in this Buyer’s Guide primarily came from two sources: an online survey completed by manufacturers, and publicly available information on the web. DCIG and Foskett Services attempted to validate all of the informa­tion contained in this Buyer’s Guide with all manufacturers contacted after the research was done, in order to verify our findings.
This Buyer’s Guide is immediately available from DCIG for $995 and may be obtained by contacting DCIG’s VP of Business Development, Jim Nash, at or at 1.844.324.4552 (844.DCIGLLC).

Please note that DCIG hopes to have a licensing agreement worked out in the very near future where interested end-users can download this Buyer’s Guide at no charge.  Once that licensing agreement is in place, DCIG will provide the link to where it may be downloaded.


DCIG is now making the Expanded Edition of the DCIG 2011 Small Enterprise Storage Array Buyer’s Guide available for free with registration. This Buyer’s Guide is accessible at this link.

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