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Top 10 DCIG Blogs of 2009 Written in 2009

This is one of my favorite blogs of the year to write. Even though this is only the second time since DCIG launched its blogging site two years ago that I have had the opportunity to write a blog in this format, I have been looking forward to looking back all year. In case you have not yet figured it out, today I take a look back at the top 10 most read blogs in 2009 on the DCIG site. However this year I am doing a two part series with today’s blog examining the 10 most read blogs in 2009 that were written in 2009.

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Tape is Slowly Dying at a Growth Rate of 2-3% per Year; Estorian Announces New CEO

There is no longer any doubt in my mind that tape will be around long after I am gone. Not only did Spectra Logic announce a new tape library (the T-Finity) that is targeted at the very largest of enterprise accounts this week, but a disk storage system representative made the tongue-in-cheek comment that partly serves as the title for this week’s blog while we were talking about the possible sunset of specific disk and tape technologies.

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Pliant Looks to Break Enterprise Storage Glass Ceiling with SSD Brick; Cloud Storage Encroaches on Server Virtualization

Solid State Disk (SSD) is showing up across the technology spectrum from consumer grade laptops and PCs to enterprise storage systems. But until this week it can be argued that there really was not an SSD drive that was ready to withstand the scrutiny that some mission-critical enterprise environments are certain to put it under. This week’s announcement from Pliant Technology may well be the proverbial brick that breaks this glass ceiling that has been preventing SSD from entering some enterprise environments.

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The Third Generation BlueArc Titan Puts Oomph in Networked File Systems; Is There an “Oops” in its Support?

It isn’t enough for a vendor to make claims about their storage system; they should have to prove it. In a recent briefing with BlueArc it was quite clear that it was ready to back up its claims which really shouldn’t have surprised us since BlueArc has taken control of its destiny from the beginning. A quick look at various U.S. Patents shows BlueArc’s ingenuity, direction, and leadership.

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Spinning Down Production Disk Drives and 200:1 Dedupe Ratios; New Vendors Claim to Fame at NYC Storage Decisions

My visit to this fall’s Storage Decisions conference in New York City on Wednesday, September 24, was an abbreviated stay. I only had the afternoon to spend at the conference before leaving in the evening for another set of meetings the next day. So while my time was short, I did catch a couple of briefings as well as a little industry chatter. Some of the talk on the exhibit hall floor had to do with the current crisis facing the banking industry and what that may mean for technology as a whole. One of the sentiments expressed which I generally agree with is that the financial crisis is probably not good news for the larger storage vendors at the show but likely bodes well for emerging storage technologies in the market as it will force some companies to look beyond traditional solutions..

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Cisco Bows Out of Infiniband; Appliances Join the Virtual World; Notes from Day 2 at VMworld

Day 2 at VMworld has come and gone and probably my biggest regret was that I had to miss this morning’s keynote by VMware’s new CEO, Paul Maritz. In reading through some other blogs this evening about the event and assuming Storagezilla called it right, it was a doozey essentially declaring open war on other operating systems. In any case, my day was focused on catching up with a number of vendors to get some of the latest behind the scenes scoop in the storage world. In fact, as one walks into the exhibitor hall in VMworld, it is hard not to mistake this conference for a storage conference.

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FalconStor Soars into VMworld with a Passion

Enter FalconStor with its NSS Virtual Appliance, which is the first software vendor to receive this ratification from VMware in the SRM landscape. FalconStor brings a very open approach to this solution. By placing a FalconStor NSS appliance in between the ESX Server’s and the storage farm the solution can now become truly hardware independent as the FalconStor appliance can virtualize some or all of the storage on the back-end.

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Wasabi Systems: A Snake Waiting to Bite Someone

Have you ever been out hiking, minding your own business, when all of a sudden you see something moving in your peripheral vision? Because you’re not sure what you saw you stand real still so whatever it was doesn’t bite you. Well, that was my first impression after I finished listening to a briefing about Wasabi Systems’ VMX 2000 Series Storage Appliance given by Frank G. Logan, III, President and Chief Executive Officer of Wasabi Systems, Inc.

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If Disks are Round, Brown and Spinning, Why is Storage So Hard?

Years ago when I first got involved in storage, I couldn’t figure out why storage management was so difficult. In fact, I initially had a hard time even keeping myself busy in my job as a storage administrator. While I was on a storage management team that was extremely knowledgeable, all of my co-workers worked on mainframe storage. As a result, they were of a little or no help in helping me prioritize what tasks I needed to accomplish. In fact, about the only thing we shared in common was that we were responsible for managing storage systems that had round, brown and spinning disks in them.

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Dell and the Channel – Commitment or Dalliance?

Ever since Dell acquired EqualLogic, the entire reseller community has openly and secretly expressed their reservations about this acquisition. Too many have been burned by Dell in the past and are now hesitant to fully believe that Dell is as committed to the channel as it proclaims. So when I read this press release that Richard Shea had joined LHN, it brought all of those concerns to the forefront of my mind so I asked Richard if would join me on the phone for a few minutes to discuss his rationale for joining LHN.

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