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Category: iSCSI

Hifn Inc Misses Briefing; Symantec’s SNW User Surveys Reveal Virtual Feedback; SNW Day 3 Snapshots

I apologize to those of you who expected this SNW recap last Thursday or Friday. Wednesday ending up being busier than I expected and anyone who was flying last week knows about the challenges associated with air travel due to all of the grounded American flights, spring break, and ATA going bankrupt. Though I left on Thursday flying out on Midwest Airlines, the Midwest flight before mine to Milwaukee was canceled and my flight to Kansas City was delayed an hour due to a series of nasty storms going through the Midwest.

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Veritas Storage Foundation 5.1 for Windows Gets Resounding “YES”; Still Flailing in Its VMware Support

Symantec’s Veritas Storage Foundation Suite has come a long way from its humble beginnings virtualizing disk storage devices. The multitude of factors that it needs to account for and manage in today’s complex data centers is staggering: clustering, multipathing, multiple operating systems and storage systems, and SCSI-3 persistent reservation bits are just some of the base line features it needs to manage. The question is, does Symantec’s latest 5.1 release of Veritas Storage Foundation for Windows still merit consideration in today’s data centers?

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LeftHand Networks Announces New Virtual SAN Appliance (VSA); VSA Circumvents VMotion SAN Prerequisite

LeftHand Networks’ new focus on SMBs and ROBOs is seen in today’s new product offering – their Virtual SAN Appliance (VSA). It provides for failover between different VMware ESX servers using VMware’s VMotion feature without a requirement for an external iSCSI or FC SAN. LeftHand Networks circumvents this requirement for an external SAN by using its SAN/iQ software to virtualize disk (internal or external) on each VMware server and then creating a cluster of VMs on different VMware physical servers.

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Fibre Channel over Ethernet (Part 1 of 3)

When I received the assignment to review the FCoE specification and compare it to iFCP, FCIP and iSCSI (block protocols over data networks) I was thinking it might be boring, I was very wrong. After just a few short minutes with Claudio and Bill I knew I was talking to a pair of very intelligent and thoughtful business technologists.

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