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The Best Way to Do Next Generation Email Archive Migrations

Eliminating the hassles and worries of email archive migrations requires that organizations use robust data migration software that is specifically tailored to meet these requirements. Globanet Migrate represents this next generation of email archiving migration software that is needed to satisfy these requirements. Offered by Globanet, which has used Globanet Migrate to perform thousands of verifiable email archive migrations, it contains a collective set of features and functionalities not found in any other email archive migration software.

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The Five (5) Traits of Next Generation Email Archive Migration Software

Email archive migrations bring into play considerations that are unique when compared to any other type of data migration. These concerns dictate that organizations use robust data migration software that is specifically tailored to meet the migration requirements of email archives. In this second installment of my 3-part blog series on email archive migrations, I examine the five (5) specific traits that email archive migration software must possess to successfully and securely move and/or consolidate existing archives into a new email archive.

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ExaGrid EX Series Defines Modern Midrange Deduplicating Backup Appliances

The challenge every company faces is identifying the best products to deliver on these established requirements while still delivering the features needed to power tomorrow’s IT infrastructures. To assist in this task, DCIG Buyer’s Guides identify, weight and score product features to help organizations select products that deliver on these competing requirements. It is when DCIG turned its attention to midrange deduplicating backup appliances that it identified the ExaGrid EX Series of appliances as the best set of solutions for midsize enterprises to select from in order to meet their next generation IT infrastructure priorities while continuing to satisfy their age-old requirements.

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First Technology Turns to Dell for Both Better Backups and a Better Data Center

As organizations transform their IT infrastructures to introduce scale-out solutions in support of their virtualization initiatives, many also find that their traditional means of doing backup break. First Technology was no different. However as a service provider whose clients expected backups to work every day all of the time, it did not have the luxury of watching its traditional means of backup first break and then spending time looking for, testing and implementing a new solution. Better backup had to be part of its data center transformation Day 1.

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First Technology Transforms from Stand-alone, Scale Down Approach to a Scale-out Technology Partnership

First Technology’s Hosting Manager, Darryl Glass, realized that its business had fundamentally changed. First Technolog could no longer cobble together piecemeal technol­ogy solutions or spend time troubleshooting backend support issues. It had to focus on delivering technol­ogy solutions to new clients knowing that its data center could scale to meet these demands and then support them. To make this change from cobbled together technologies to a cost-effective and supported scale-out solution, Glass recognized that his first step involved identifying the right partner who had the right suite of solutions to meet his company’s needs.

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VM-aware Storage Adds Responsiveness, Subtracts Administration Costs

Last week I began to explore the benefits of VM-aware Storage by discussing how it cuts the risk of virtualizing critical applications. In this article we unpack another benefit of VM-aware storage–specifically how it enables information technology departments to become more responsive to the business by substantially reducing the amount of staff time that must be dedicated to dealing with storage.

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VM-aware Storage Cuts Risk of Virtualizing Critical Apps

The many business benefits of virtualizing servers include cost savings through consolidation, improved uptime/availability, improved disaster recovery/business continuity capabilities, and faster development/testing/deployment of application enhancements. In light of these benefits, virtualizing critical applications would seem to be an obvious thing to do. Yet many still hesitate because of the risk that applications will suffer performance problems and that these problems will be more difficult to troubleshoot and resolve.

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Tegile’s Zebi Arrays Meet the Seven Key Storage Requirements of the Virtualized Data Center

Many businesses are discovering that the traditional storage architecture–much of it dating from the 1980’s–is unsuited in multiple ways to the demands of todays virtualized and consolidated data center. The virtualized data center puts not just more demand, but new kinds of demand on the storage system. Tegile designed the Zebi all-flash and hybrid storage arrays specifically to address these demands and to provide the return that businesses need on their IT infrastructure investments.

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