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The Best Way to Do Next Generation Email Archive Migrations

Eliminating the hassles and worries of email archive migrations requires that organizations use robust data migration software that is specifically tailored to meet these requirements.  Globanet Migrate represents this next generation of email archiving migration software that is needed to satisfy these requirements. Offered by Globanet, which has used Globanet Migrate to perform thousands of verifiable email archive migrations, it contains a collective set of features and functionalities not found in any other email archive migration software.

Globanet Migrate’s advanced verification feature provides the additional level of verification that organizations need to satisfy the strictest of compliance requirements. As Globanet Migrate moves data, it validates the one-to-one mapping by hashing or fingerprinting the message that originated on the source system twice.

As it migrates the data, Globanet Migrate provides a full audit trail to document that the data stored on the target has not been modified. This auditing and verification transcends the software or hardware platform in which the message resides.

globanet migrate.JPGSource: Globanet

Whether the message originates in a number of different email archive software products (Enterprise Vault, EmailXtender, DXL, etc.) or in different archive storage products (EMC Centera, NetApp SnapLock, Nexsan Assureon, etc.,) it can securely migrate the message to the new archive. This feature makes strict adherence to compliance and/or quality assurance practices and satisfies any chain of custody concerns that may arise coming out of a migration.

Before the migration actually begins, Globanet Migrate examines the environment and provides a forecast of actual migration times, so that organizations can set realistic expectations as to how long the migration will actually take. This analysis includes anticipated bottlenecks in the migration infrastructure and corresponding software layers, and then providing needed recommendations and solutions on how to alleviate them.

Once the migration actually begins, the software handles either journal or user migrations equally well. In the case of journal migrations, it performs an envelope reconstruction process to verify that a search across the new email archive software will provide the same results as a search across the old. The Globanet Migrate reconstruction process distinguishes itself as it ensures the message is the same as it was originally stored in the journal mailbox on the email server. For user migrations, it converts shortcuts during the migration process so a shortcut works exactly as it did before the migration took place.

Globanet Migrate also offers email-based notifications that inform an organization when a migration has stopped, slowed or encountered a bottleneck. It sends notifications when a migration run has completed or if a component of the infrastructure has ceased to function. Should a migration be interrupted, it can continue to try to resume the migration when the source and/or target system returns to service from the last known good checkpoint.

Globanet complements its Migrate product by providing the key services and support that makes its Migrate software so successful. Its service and support mitigates the need for organizations to acquire new hardware, perform installations, configure database layers, etc. as it hosts its own software. The only task that organizations have to perform is to install a lightweight agent on the appropriate application servers so it may manage the entire migration process online. Then once the migration itself begins, Globanet provides full PowerShell and scripting integration to simplify its monitoring and management.

Migrate Email Archives Confidently with Globanet Migrate

Organizations go to great lengths and invest great amounts of capital to securely archive their emails. Yet every organization that archives its data will at some point need to move its archived email to a new home. When that day arrives, they need a high level of assurances that the software they use – and the company behind it – will compliantly, securely and as non-disruptively as possible get their data from Point A to Point B.

Globanet Migrate provides this solid foundation that organizations need to confidently migrate their email archives. Its migrate software minimizes the chances that organizations will encounter the roadblocks that typically surface during these types of complex migrations.   Should issues arise, the services arm of Globanet offers a time-tested and proven set of checklists, procedures and back-office support to ensure that a smooth transition from one email archive platform to another occurs successfully.

Globanet Migrate cuts thru the challenges and demands of email archive migration efforts, and enables organizations to mitigate the challenges of email archive migrations. By delivering features like envelope reconstruction, shortcut management, chain of custody and audit trails, email archive migrations no longer need to be events shrouded in uncertainty and fear. Globanet Migrate software illuminates and simplifies any email archive migration by putting in the hands of organizations the exact tool that they need to succeed in this task with the services and support to back it up.

For questions or more information please call Globanet at (888) 427 – 5505 or click here today.

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