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Author: Tim Anderson

External Shared Storage Not Required with Symantec Flexible Storage Sharing

Many enterprises have been watching the development of flash with a high level of interest though they have cautiously deployed it as a storage tier because of its high cost. Symantec Foundation Suite 6.1 takes these concerns head-on by delivering functionality that will inherently change the way enterprises design, implement, and maintain shared storage environments. In particular, Storage Foundation’s new Flexible Storage Sharing (FSS) feature provides organizations the flexibility to non-disruptively put capacity, performance or both in their servers while still making it accessible to all of the applications in that cluster.

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VMware Takes Big Step Up in Virtual Server Backup with VDP Advanced 5.5

VMware recently announced the enhancement of its VMware vSphere Data Protection (VDP) Advanced product at the European edition of VMworld. The features and developments included in the 5.5 release decisively provide a robust backup and recovery package for SMBs, both on the high and low end, while becoming a viable alternative for enterprises looking to protect remote datacenters and office locations.

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The Best Way to Do Next Generation Email Archive Migrations

Eliminating the hassles and worries of email archive migrations requires that organizations use robust data migration software that is specifically tailored to meet these requirements. Globanet Migrate represents this next generation of email archiving migration software that is needed to satisfy these requirements. Offered by Globanet, which has used Globanet Migrate to perform thousands of verifiable email archive migrations, it contains a collective set of features and functionalities not found in any other email archive migration software.

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The Five (5) Traits of Next Generation Email Archive Migration Software

Email archive migrations bring into play considerations that are unique when compared to any other type of data migration. These concerns dictate that organizations use robust data migration software that is specifically tailored to meet the migration requirements of email archives. In this second installment of my 3-part blog series on email archive migrations, I examine the five (5) specific traits that email archive migration software must possess to successfully and securely move and/or consolidate existing archives into a new email archive.

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Fibre Channel and Ethernet “Waist Deep in Politics”

As convergence and SDE (software-defined-everything) make their way into the mainstream and add real value, organizations both large and small battle with the question of, “What should we do about our storage networks?” Stick with Fibre-Channel based approach or, as depreciation cycles end and/or new data-center locations come online, refresh to an Ethernet only solution?

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Companies Can Have Higher Confidence in their High Availability/Clustering Software Today Than Ever Before

The biggest reasons organizations have implemented HA/Clustering solutions in their environment is to provide immediate / real-time failover of an application stack that is critical to business operations. Along with this is the innate ability it provides to protect their data and servers from a location specific event (a disaster causing outage to a facility or components within that facility.)

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This Is Not Your Father’s Clustering Software

I have been looking into clustering and high availability (HA) a lot lately, mostly as it pertains to my day job but also because I just like to keep myself up to speed on things. What has been changing? An abundance of things!

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