ExaGrid EX Series Defines Modern Midrange Deduplicating Backup Appliances

Organizations instinctively know that their IT infrastructures are changing or have already changed. Virtualizing infrastructures to form public, private or hybrid clouds that are supported by a single IT team is rapidly becoming the new norm. Yet even as this transformation in IT occurs, what organizations expect the technologies that underlay their virtualized infrastructure to deliver remains remarkably the same.

Cost-effective, easy to manage, flexible, high performing and scalable are attributes that the technologies that power the IT infrastructure of tomorrow should ideally deliver. The challenge every company faces is identifying the best products to deliver on these established requirements while still delivering the features needed to power tomorrow’s IT infrastructures.

To assist in this task, DCIG Buyer’s Guides identify, weight and score product features to help organizations select products that deliver on these competing requirements. It is when DCIG turned its attention to midrange deduplicating backup appliances that it identified the ExaGrid EX Series of appliances as the best set of solutions for midsize enterprises to select from in order to meet their next generation IT infrastructure priorities while continuing to satisfy their age-old requirements.

The ExaGrid EX Series of products essentially defines what modern midrange target-based deduplicating backup appliances should deliver. Capturing seven (7) of the Top 10 places in both the DCIG 2013 Midrange Deduplicating Backup Appliance Under $50K and Under $100K Buyer’s Guides, ExaGrid essentially stands alone in this class of midrange deduplicating backup appliances by offering a wide selection of appliances with the features that organizations most desire.

Midrange Deduplicating Backup Appliances under $50K
Top 10 Overall Scores and Rankings
Dedupe Under 50K Rankings.JPGMidrange Deduplicating Backup Appliances under $100K
Top 10 Overall Scores and Rankings

Dedupe Under 100K Rankings.JPG

The ExaGrid EX Series of deduplicating backup appliances scored well across all categories that DCIG evaluated. However there were three sets of features found on all ExaGrid EX Series appliances that particularly contributed to their high scores and rankings in these Buyer’s Guides to include:

  • Comprehensive backup software support
  • Flexible hardware configurations
  • Robust implementation of deduplication

In part 2 of this 2-part blog series, I will look at each of these three features in more depth and why they contributed to the ExaGrid EX Series scoring and ranking so well in the recently released DCIG 2013 Midrange Deduplicating Backup Appliance Under $50K and DCIG 2013 Midrange Deduplicating Backup Appliance Under $100K Buyer’s Guides.


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