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Defining a Cloud as “Good” or “Bad” May Come Down to Whether or Not It Works

This past Thursday I became aware of David Linthicum’s Cloud Computing blog over at InfoWorld for the first time as a result of an email that was promoting a blog entry he wrote earlier this week. In that particular blog entry he warns why a shortage of cloud architects will soon lead to “bad clouds.” That’s interesting because I did not realize that the industry had really settled on what defines a “good” or a “bad” cloud.

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Being Anti-Cloud and Cautious Cloud are Two Very Different Mindsets

Recently an individual brought to my attention that I had created a perception that some people thought I was “anti-cloud” and that I believe the cloud is “bad” or “evil.” I am not exactly sure how that perception got created or how that conclusion was reached. But whether or not that perception is accurate, he does raise two valid points. What is my opinion of “the cloud” and how do I think organizations should proceed with it?

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VMware Starts to Build Its Case for Trusting the Cloud

VMware shared a pretty astounding statistic this past Tuesday when it rolled out vSphere 5. It stated that 50% of application workloads will be virtualized by the end of 2011 with that ratio continuing to grow at a rate of 10% per year for the next few years. That’s pretty remarkable considering ten years ago when I proposed starting to virtualize my prior company’s infrastructure that I was scoffed at by many of my peers.

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Storage Companies Cautiously Celebrate Their Independence

Independence Day on July 4th in the United States is only a few days away but as it approaches storage companies are cautiously celebrating their independence. As they do they are either looking to survive or aggressively looking to be acquired to avoid becoming a footnote in the annals of history with Pillar Data Systems becoming the latest storage company to join the ranks of the acquired that now pledges its allegiance to a new master.

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Who Owns the Cloud?

There seems to be this almost naïve assumption out there that once “the cloud” is built everything in the computing world will be better. While I certainly agree with that to a point – cloud computing and cloud storage technologies stand to solve some very thorny problems within IT – there is one question that companies seem to be turning a blind eye to: “Who owns the cloud?”

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Four Datacenter Megatrends for the Decade of the Teens

The start of every decade new trends emerge that do more than influence opinions and behavior for a few months or years. Instead they are megatrends that fundamentally shape and mold an industry for the entire decade and influence innovation that will come in the decades to follow. Right now four such megatrends are emerging that are reshaping datacenters as a whole and are changing how hardware and software are being delivered to them.

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A Controllable, Manageable Cloud

Lately I have spent quite a bit of time talking about and defining different cloud terms. But the last few weeks have provided me with some additional perspective in terms of what people are looking for from “the Cloud.” They don’t just want “the Cloud” – they want the ability to manage the cloud and be in control of the data they put there and that inability to do so is what still gives users pause about “the Cloud.”

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My Top Three Takeaways from EMC World 2011

EMC World is always a crazy, energetic, bop-till-you-drop type event and this year’s EMC World was no exception. Highlighted by keynotes from EMC’s CEO Joe Tucci, VMware’s CEO Paul Maritz and a closing night customer appreciation event that featured the wildest hats I have ever seen and a performance by The Fray, EMC World 2011 was both fun and informative. But now that the dust has begun to settle, I had a chance to reflect on what I had seen and heard to consider what my top three takeaways from EMC World were.

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Why Nirvanix is Poised to Become the Next VMware

Back in 2003 hardly anyone had heard of a small but rapidly growing technology company called VMware. But since that time VMware literally exploded to become the dominant player in enterprise server virtualization. Now the same forces that propelled VMware to the top of the server virtualization heap are at work again.

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Symantec Experiencing a Time of Profound Meaningful Change

As part of his opening remarks during his keynote on Tuesday morning, Symantec’s CEO Enrique Salem shared a comment that was made to him by a Symantec user, “We are in the middle of a time of profound meaningful change.” Truer words were never spoken as enterprises of all sizes are facing a broad spectrum of technology changes that are unequaled in this modern era of computing.

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