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Category: Cloud Computing

Cool New Features and Offerings from AWS

Amazon has made significant progress in the last few years to dispel the notion that Amazon Web Services (AWS) primary purpose is as a repository for archives and backups. During this time, it has demonstrated time and time again it is well suited to host even the most demanding of production applications. However, what companies may still fail to realize is just how far beyond being a leading provider of cloud storage services that AWS has become. Here are some recent cool new offerings and features available from AWS that indicate how far it has come in terms of positioning itself to host enterprise applications of any type as well as satisfy specific enterprise demands.

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Veritas Delivering on its 360 Data Management Strategy While Performing a 180

Vendors first started bandying about the phrase “cloud data management” a year or so ago. While that phrase caught my attention, specifics as what one should expect when acquiring a “cloud data management” solution remained nebulous at best. Fast forward to this week’s Veritas Vision 2017 and I finally encountered a vendor that was providing meaningful details as to what cloud data management encompasses while simultaneously performing a 180 behind the scenes.

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A Full Embrace of the Cloud Has Occurred … Now the Challenge is to Successfully Get and Stay There

Ever since I got my first job in IT in the mid-1990’s, everyone has used a cloud in some form. Whether they referred to it as outsourcing, virtualization, central IT, or in some other way, the cloud existed and grew but it did little to stem the adoption of distributed computing. Yet at some point over the past few years, the parallel growth of these two technologies stopped and the cloud forged ahead. This shift indicates that companies have now fully embraced the cloud but remain unclear about how best and how soon to transition their IT infrastructure to the cloud and then manage it once it is there.

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Five Key Changes for CIOs to Adopt to Successfully Evolve their Roles Within Today’s Enterprise

The role of the Chief Information Officer (CIO) is evolving as enterprises worldwide attempt to navigate their way through the fundamental changes required to keep pace with the explosion of Cloud Computing, Social Media, Big Data and Mobile Computing. Information Governance, Compliance, eDiscovery, Data Security and Business Intelligence are now more important than ever. If the CIO can’t keep pace, the fate of the entire enterprise may be at stake.

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Nirvanix Takes Another Step Toward Becoming the De Facto Standard in Enterprise Cloud Storage

“Nirvanix was about a year ahead of everyone else in terms of what it could offer for enterprise cloud storage services.” Making this claim is Fred Rodi, the CEO of DRFortress, who over the last year had to look ahead to determine which storage provider could best position DRFortress and it customers for the future of cloud storage. So when it came time for DRFortress to make the choice, Nirvanix was the hands down winner.

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USC Upshifts to the Cloud

Right now many organizations are debating about who to select as their preferred cloud storage provider. But for organizations like USC that already manage petabytes of unstructured data, the decision is not about which provider to choose. Rather it is about deciding on the right technology that can transform it into both a private cloud storage user and a public cloud storage provider.

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Cerner and IBM Send Industry Message that Nirvanix is How Enterprise Cloud Storage Will Be Done

Anyone who still doubts that Nirvanix is poised to deliver the same type of solution for cloud storage that VMware already delivers for cloud computing got a serious wake-up call this past week. Announcements that both Cerner and IBM entered into strategic relationships with Nirvanix are more than just validations of Nirvanix’s cloud storage technology. They signal that Nirvanix is poised to become how enterprises of all size will eventually implement cloud storage.

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What Your Cloud Will Look Like: Final Thoughts from VMworld 2011

I realize VMworld 2011 ended over a week ago and everyone is by now probably looking ahead to the next big thing. But before we leave VMworld 2011 behind in the annals of history, I wanted to take one final look at how VMware went about promoting cloud ownership. Because rather than telling users they should own “VMware’s cloud” or “NetApp’s Cloud” or “EMC’s Cloud” or even some cloud service provider’s cloud, it touted “Own Your Cloud.”

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