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As 2011 Nears a Transformation in Backup Awaits

The combination of cloud computing, cloud storage, inexpensive hardware, virtualization and heightened user demands for near real time backup and recovery are creating a crisis in traditional backup methodologies. It is a crisis in the sense that there is no way any emerging virtualized data center is going to find that how these backups work and are managed even slightly acceptable in the very near future. This suggests that in 2011 the transformation in backup that many have predicted will occur and it will go well beyond just deduplicating backup data stored to disk.

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Dell’s Christmas Storage Shopping List

Now that the bidding war between Dell and HP for 3PAR has subsided with HP emerging the victor, the question becomes, “Which storage company is on Dell’s 2010 Christmas shopping list?” While there are still a good number of storage companies available, when one takes a hard look at which companies are the best fit for Dell, the list gets pretty short pretty quickly.

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HP and Dell Interest in 3PAR Started 9 Months Ago; 3PAR Solves Storage Problems for HP on Multiple Fronts

After a final flurry of exchanges yesterday with Dell first outbidding HP and then HP re-upping its bid for 3PAR to $33, Dell’s management finally announced that it was pulling out of the bidding for 3PAR leaving HP the likely victor in the battle for 3PAR unless some last minute suitor appears. But now that the bidding for 3PAR appears to be over, there are two important questions to be answered. First, was HP’s bid as haphazard as it appeared? Second, what does this acquisition mean for HP? The news is better than most have been led to believe.

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HP Versus Dell: The Loser Will Be Left on the Outside of the Cloud Storage Story Looking In

The bidding war for 3PAR between Dell and HP continued yesterday with 3PAR first announcing that it had reached an agreement to be purchased by Dell for $24.30 a share and then, before the end of the day, HP countered with a $27 per share price offering. This back and forth has captured the attention of many of those who follow storage and even those who do not. But what is puzzling to many is, “What is so interesting about 3PAR that it is prompting Dell and HP to fight over it?”

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Why CDP is Taking over at MSPs

One of the privileges I get in being contracted to do blogging is that I get to speak to customers to which others rarely get access. One set of customers that I frequently speak with are managed service providers (MSPs) and discuss with them what technologies that they are having success with in their data centers. So this is why I can say with a high degree of certainty that continuous data protection (CDP) is taking over within their data centers and is shaping up to have a high impact as enterprise organizations look to move their applications and application data into the cloud.

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EMC is Looking Up and Finding Itself in the Shadow of NetApp’s Cloud

It has been rumored that EMC’s CEO Joe Tucci has said that EMC’s biggest threat comes not from Dell, HDS, HP or IBM but NetApp. It is for that reason that EMC has been looking over its shoulder for some time to see what NetApp is up to in an attempt to stay one step ahead of it from a technology perspective. But after attending NetApp’s annual Analyst Days last week, it is time for EMC to stop looking over its shoulder and start looking up because EMC now finds itself in the shadow of NetApp’s cloud.

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Knowing When to Call it Quits on Virtualization

I have recently heard it said that server virtualization is to data centers what marijuana is to other drugs: a “stepping stone” or “gateway” drug. After all, once you start down the path of server virtualization, at what point do you quit and stop virtualizing the rest of the infrastructure?

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Disaster Proof Hardware and a Case of Mistaken Cloud Storage

This week it was evident everyone is getting back to work – at least those individuals who still have jobs and received something other than pink slips over the holiday break. People starting returning my phone calls and emails, PR agencies started requesting my time again for briefings and, maybe most importantly, news releases started flowing again so I have something other than 2009 recaps and 2010 trends to write about. This week three news items caught my attention: FalconStor Software’s FDS 2.0 release; a cloud storage announcement from Pillar and a new term (like this industry needed any more): Disaster Proof Hardware.

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2009: The Beginning of the Corporate Love Affair with Cloud Storage

This week I wanted to pick up the discussion that I started a couple of weeks ago on the major trends of 2009. In that blog, I examined why deduplication was THE success story of 2009. But an equally compelling trend in 2009 was the emergence and growing acceptance of the use of cloud storage as a storage target among organizations of all sizes.

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